Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB Review – Long Range CB with Weather Channels

I would say that Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB is the perfect CB radio you can get for long distance communication. There is no doubt that it is one of the most powerful CB radios in the market.

The key highlights of the 980 Bearcat SSB include weather channel mode, instant access to the emergency channels, built in SWR , Noise deduction, Dynamic boost etc. Wow, that’s a long list!

Moreover, the CB radio has got an amazing display. The best thing about the display is that you can read it without any discomfort even in sunlight. I have heard many CB users complaining about the difficulty in reading their displays. But that won’t happen with this amazing CB radio from Uniden.

Uniden 980 SSB is a BEARCAT CB Radio is a 7 colored display CB with weather channel capability

In our surveys, this is one of the most bought CB radio. Its capability to communicate long distance is outstanding. In short, it is a feature rich CB worth the money.



  • ANL / Noise Blanker
  • NOAA Weather
  • Squelch Control
  • Large Digital S/RF/CAL/SWR Meter
  • Memory Scan
  • Clarifier
  • Product Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth): 15″ x 9″ x 4″
  • Volume/Squelch Control
  • RF Gain Control
  • Instant Channel 9/19
  • CB/PA Switch
  • Microphone Gain 4-Position Control
  • 40 FCC approved Channel AM Operation
  • Laser Etched Keys
  • Ergonomically designed grip
  • Extra Long Microphone Cord
  • Channel Indicator
  • Includes 6 Pin to 4 Pin Adapter
  • Dimmer Switch Day/Night
  • Product Weight: 4 pounds, 8 ounces
  • Two Year Manufacturer Warranty


Uniden 980 SSB Review

If you’re looking for upgraded features in a modern design CB radio, Uniden Bearcat 980 CB radio is your product. It has a large digitized S/RF/SWR meter which makes checking the levels an easy task. The easy to adjust 7 color display backlighting also plays a hand in increasing the display quality of the CB radio.

I hope that you have already read our review of Uniden’s 880. If not you can read it from here: Uniden Bearcat 880 CB Radio Review. The 980 outperforms this one in many aspects, with a slight increase in the price.

The striking feature of this CB radio is its display, as said before. If you’re a truck driver, you will be more than happy with this CB radio; purely because of the ease at which you can read the display. I am damn sure that you have faced difficulty in reading what’s written on the screen during nights and days. But that won’t be the case anymore. The CB radio employs color changing display that makes it easy to read. It also has backdrop illumination display which gives you the option to brighten up or diminish the display whenever needed.

Coming to the style and design, you willl love it. Its a nicely deisgned CB radio that looks more modern than it actually is. The compact size makes it an easy to fit the device in any vehicle.

The Bearcat 980 CB Radio gives you quality performance. Its one among the best SSB CB radios the market has ever seen. The SSB frequency stability of the radio is commandable. However, there arefew customers who have complained about the FM operation of the CB radio.

The sound quality is outstanding and I have never heard any complaint from any customers in this aspect. But, dont forget to change the stock microphone as it is not that great. The RF gain feature and noise canceling microhpones improve the overall sound output. The person at the other end will never face any issue in hearing you. To add more versatility to its operation, you can also use a wireless mircrophone. Uniden recommends using Uniden BC906W CB.


Pros and Cons

  • Easy viewing and readability with seven color backlight
  • Compact and easy to mount on any vehicle.
  • Long distance SSB Communication
  • Dynamic squelch controller delivers a clear signal
  • Noise-canceling microphone enhances transmission clarity
  • Compatible with Bluetooth wireless microphone
  • Live updates of varying weather conditions
  • Very loud beep sound while switching the channels or press a button.
  • Stock microphone yield is less. But you can always get a good CB mic at affordable rates.

CB Radio Guru Verdict

In short, this is an amazingly designed CB radio for truckers and those who like to travel and roam around. Thanks to the SSB capability, RF gain, noise cancellation features, and the best-in-class display, reading the CB radio is not a hard task at all. You will never regret buying this wonderful long distance SSB radio.

Before I wrap this one up, let me tell you an interesting fact. Do you know which is the first SSB radio from Uniden? Yeah, you guessed it correct. It’s this; the same radio we’re talking about.

Now, what are you waiting for? You can get this from the authorized dealer of the product from the link below. I guarantee that it won’t be a bad decision at all. Moreover, if you’re a travel freak, it’s gonna change your life forever. Overall it is a feature rich Trucker CB Radio.

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