Uniden Bearcat 880 CB Radio Review : CB with Awesome Display & Features

The Uniden Bearcat 880 fixed mount CB radio offers strongest transmissions, great range, and quality reception. 7 color back-lit display of Bearcat 880 CB is easy to read and large. Microphone featured in Bearcat 880 stands out with its noise cancellation ability which nullifies the background noise. 40 channels can be operated in this CB radio. Radio also includes channel 9/19 and NOAA Weather channels. Bearcat 880 CB is wireless microphone compatible and has got easy-to-read laser etched keys and a 6-4 PIN mic adapter.

If you’re looking for the best CB radio for heavy duty truck drivers who don’t like to modify their CBs. which covers a lot of distance to communicate with fellow drivers as well as keep an eye on weather conditions.

Uniden Brand's Bearcat 880 CB Radio Review. It is one of the most bought and customer friendly cb radio with good sound output and user interface

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  • Product Dimensions: 3.5 x 12.1 x 12.8 inches
  • Item Weight: 5.7 pounds
  • 7-Color Backlighting
  • Access to all 40 FCC-approved channels
  • Digital SRF / SWR Meter
  • 6 Pin Noise Cancelling Mic

  • Memory Scan
  • RF Gain
  • NOAA Weather
  • Squelch Control
  • Instant Channel 9/19
  • CB / PA
  • Laser Etched Keys
  • ANL / Noise Blanker

  • Extra Long Mic Cord
  • Dimmer Switch Day / Night
  • Wireless Mic Compatible
  • Talkback
  • Radio Diagnostics
  • Includes 6 Pin to 4 Pin Adapter


The Bearcat 880 CB radio offers access to all 40 FCC-approved channels with the clearest reception, quality range and strong transmission. The radio features an illuminated control panel enhancing its usability in all light conditions. The large and easy-to-read display and channels enhance the readability.

Extra-long mic cord can be made use to operate the radio away from where it has been mounted. Radio’s six-pin noise canceling microphone enhances the quality at the end of person you are talking to by nullifying background noise. Through this, the user can enjoy a static eliminated crisp and clear communication. The radio can be used with a wireless microphone which offers more freedom.

880 Bearcat CB is surprisingly wireless microphone compatible too. In addition, this CB radio has features like Weather channels, radio diagnostics, easy-to-read laser etched keys, and a 6-4 PIN mic adapter.

This Uniden CB radio has got access to NOAA weather channel, allowing users to stay informed of varying weather conditions and receive live updates about severe weather. The instant emergency channel 9/19 is available automatically. The Noise Blanker and Automatic Noise Limiter feature available in this CB radio are used to reduce the amount of interference and unwanted static coming from many sources.

The seven-color back-light display enhances the device for easy viewing. It is easy to adjust settings and read while focusing on the driving. The dimmer switch enables the driver to change the display intensity from day to night. The product comes with Laser etched keys which also enhances its readability.

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Another major advantage of this product is its public-address feature. Radio outputs are 6 watts and 2 watts for SSB and are respectively which can be modified. The radio can be mounted even if the vehicle has limited mounting space. Moreover, the mounting and unmounting of Uniden’s Bearcat 880 is a silly work, even small kids can do it. (Find best CB Radio mounts here). That’s one another reason to love this product.

The only disadvantage of the product, as per our expert opinion is regarding mod. If you want your CB to be modded, then CB 880 is not your choice.


  • Easy viewing and readability with seven color backlight
  • Simple, compact and easy to mount on any vehicle.
  • Dynamic squelch controller delivers a clear signal.
  • Noise canceling microphone enhances transmission clarity.
  • Compatible with a wireless microphone.
  • ANL and NB can quiet the signal receptions.
  • Live updates of varying weather conditions.
  • Emergency channel easily accessible.
  • Display can be switched between day/night mode.
  • Channel scan feature.


  • The beep sound while switching the channels and pressing the keys can’t be turned off.
  • Internal speaker performs bad at higher volume.
  • Screen scratches easily.
  • SWR meter is not accurate.

CB Radio Guru Verdict on Uniden’s Bearcat 880

One of the best CB Radio available in the market for long-range transmission. Priced right and easy to use, the radio is a fair choice for long-distance travelers.

The seven color back-light display and laser etched keys enhance its visual appearance, meanwhile increases its readability. The radio can be configured to be used in both day and night which makes it appealing for long distance drivers.

The radio can be easily mounted on a car because it occupies lesser space. The noise canceling mic along with ANR/NB feature enhances the communication quality. Controls can be operated effortlessly and channel scan feature works great. Works great if paired with a 7-foot firestik antenna.

In short, a great CB Radio with good reception, longer range and clear transmission. The radio is both visually appealing as well as effective in its functionality. Can be interchangeably used as base radio as well as mobile CB radio. Hence both truckers, as well as adventurists, will love this device.

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