Best Stryker CB Radios Reviewed : Our Top 3 Picks You Shouldn’t Miss

Stryker CB radios feature a line of CB radios that offers an efficient medium for communication along with embedded features that boosts the productivity and experience of the user. These Stryker radios differentiate themselves from their peers by offering uninterrupted communication along with a lot of options that could be customized by the user to suit his requirements.

While any of the CB radios from Stryker would offer you an enriched experience, knowing the right product with the right features would ensure value for money and serve your purpose the right way. This is an in-depth article having its backbone supported by the experiences of 210 customers who have used various CB radio devices from Stryker.

If you’re in a hurry and want to skip the review parts, you can a have a quick glance at Stryker’s best CBs from below :

Product Dimension Power Source Rating Customer Opinions
Stryker SR-655 18 x 6 x 3 inches 4 FQP13N10 MOSFET transistors 4.9 Stryker SR 655 is our favorite one. This is a flawless radio with excellent transmit and receive facility. The highly customization nature of the device makes it many Truck driver’s favorite choice.

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Stryker SR-497-HPC 16 x 9 x 3 inches 6 IRF-520 MOSFET transistors 4.7 The 497 from Styker is a less power consuming radio with simple controls which will make your day. Moreover, with some peaking and tuning will give you a highly impressive CB.

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Stryker SR-955 16.5 x 3 x 16.5 inches 4 FQP13N10 MOSFETs 4.8 Styker 955 is the best when it comes to SSB feature. It is very good long-range Stryker radio any CB radio user will love. It is a pretty stable and excellent radio which is highly recommended for Truck drivers.

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CB radios have been one of the most practical two-way radio systems for individual consumers and other users like as truck drivers, radio hobbyists, and those in need of short‑range radio communications, such as electricians, plumbers, and carpenters, who needed to communicate between job site and main office. Among those reputed brands of CB radios, the Stryker brand too holds a place of its own.

CB Stryker radios for pro and amateur CB users reviewed here. A comparison of various key parameters have been made along with in depth review


Apart from the basic features like an on/off control, a volume control, control to change the channels and a squelch control, CB Stryker radios offer a slew of features that will add functionality to one’ set. Some of the best features include: –

  • Instant channel 9/19: – Allows one to access the emergency channel
  • Weather Capabilities: – Ability to access local NOAA radio stations for up to date weather reports
  • High Power: – These Radios use high power MOSFETs that offer 100+ watts PEP
  • VFO: – For enabling continuous operation throughout the frequency range.
  • Variable Power Control: – To adjust the carrier from two watts to over 70 watts PEP
  • Up-Armored Receiver: – Exclusive receiver protection – works even under the harshest conditions, like among other running high power radios
  • Multiple Step Dimmer: – Infinite control of the brightness of channel displays and backlighting
  • Clarifier: – Let’s you move frequency up or down very quickly
  • Automatic Noise Limiting: – ANL filters out interference from static, engine noise and other factors to improve voice quality
  • Mic and RF Gain: – To filter the type of transmissions a CB radio receives based on the strength of signals by reducing the gain of the receiver section
  • Digital Echo with/ Dual Front Mounted Controls: – A wide range of effects with maximum clarity, without distortions
  • PA Capability: – Allows one to use one’s CB radio as a PA (public address) system by adding an aftermarket external speaker
  • Antenna Warning Indicator: – An automatic instant alert that let’s know of any SWR problems or the risk of burning up the radio’s transceiver
  • Multiple color display: – The backlit display on the radio could be switched between up to 7 colors: Red, blue, yellow, aqua, purple, green, and white
  • Roger beeps: – 6 roger beeps to choose from right out of the box
  • Programmable: – Customizable features through radios built in menus and controls. Few other tweaking could be done by connecting the radio to PC


It’s always hard to compare different devices in the most effective way. But we would say that this comparison and review of the best three CB radio devices from Stryker brand will be close to the best. Why?

We have taken into account of the experience of over 210 valuable customers who have used these radios.

Although mobile phones and online sources have long ago dominated the space, radio still assumes much importance when it comes to specific use cases.

You can have a quick comparison of various parameters like Performance, range, features , usability and value for the money of our top three Stryker CB devices from below:

A comparsion of the best Stryker CB Radio Devices. Features like range, usability, performance and value for money are being compared here.

  1. Stryker SR 497-HPC AM/FM 10M RADIO

Stryker SR-497-HPC is a stylish and top quality CB Radio. This CB from Stryker gives great features at affordable price tag. It's power usage is another highlightFeatures

  • Advanced NB/ANL for reduced interference
  • AM/FM operation
  • PA (Public Address) capability
  • Antenna warning indicator
  • 7-color meter light and channel display
  • Multiple stem dimmer button on front panel
  • Peak output 90W
  • Digital Echo with/ Dual Front Mounted Controls
  • Variable power and talkback controls
  • Receive and microphone gain controls
  • Front microphone connector for easy mounting in tight spaces
  • Two different, selectable Roger beeps; Off control for roger beeps


Stryker SR 497HPC has got the changing and dimming face light feature which looks nice. It is a stand out feature allowing ease of use even during the darkest operating conditions. The variable talkback option is also impressive. The radio is loaded with features that are customarily only available on much more expensive radios.

Stryker 497HPC is the finest in its class 10-meter radio for power out and professional made quality. These radios are the best radios money can buy. They are powerful and beautiful and proves to be good listeners. Cord comes out the front which many users might be like and find convenient.

Stryker SR-497 CB Radio is a simple yet great feature loaded CBOne other attractive feature is the simplicity of controls. All of the pot switches are double and combined with a well thought out companion control. Two selectable Roger beeps on this radio is an exclusive feature not found on other manufacturer’s radios and differentiates itself from its competitors.

The radio has got great sound quality, great features and is very easy to install. It’s fairly loud and holds up well. Add a cool, selectable color display to the mix and the Stryker 497 is set to go. If you’re ready to step into the world of heavy-duty two-way radios, best consider Stryker 497 CB Radio for no-fail communications on the 10 meter radio band.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Great features
  • Simple controls
  • Over 100 watts and still draws less than 20 amps
  • No SWR meter
  • No frequency counter


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 2. Stryker SR-655 10 Meter Amateur Radio

Stryker SR-655 CB Radios is a highly performing and highly customizable Stryker CB Radio.

Features :

  • Clarifier – let’s you move frequency up or down very quickly
  • VFO – For continuous operation throughout the frequency range
  • Variable Power Control – Adjust your CB from 2 to over 70 watts PEP
  • Up-armored Receiver – Exclusive receiver protection
  • Large Square S/RF and SWR Meter
  • Instant channel 9/19
  • 6 Digit Frequency Counter
  • 32 Stage Dimmer Control
  • Automatic Noise Filter
  • Mic and RF Gain
  • 6 Roger beeps
  • Optical CTSS Module


The Stryker SR655HP is a high-performance two-way radio designed for excellent transmit and receive quality while offering extreme reliability. The radio is highly customizable through the on-board controls and a PC connection. The Stryker 655 works great and the transmission and receiving are top notch.

FCB Radio Stryker SR 655 is an excellent CB with great transmission and receiving facility. or someone new to the CB world, you may not be able to just plug and play the device as you think, you will have to take it to a tech and get it converted to CB channels. The conversion of the radio is simple and sounds great out of the box, though the mic of the radio has been perceived to be of poor quality compared to the overall quality of other components. A Ranger/Wilson mic could be paired with the radio to take care of the quality of stock mic.

The radio is very loud and is loaded with a lot of features and has been lauded to be the best amateur radio by many users. If the radio is to be used in the big truck, it might need to be converted for around $40. Out of the box, the radio was peaking at 10w carrier and about 80w swing which is very respectable.

Pros and Cons:

Pros Cons
  • Great power without distortion
  • Outstanding receiving capability
  • Simple controls
  • Highly customizable
  • Poor quality of stock mic
  • Extra setup required for use in trucks

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3. Stryker SR-955 10 Meter Amateur Radio

Stryker SR-955 is an excellent Stryker SSB CB Radio. This one features a great software for easy interface.


  • Frequency Display in 7 colors
  • LED Backlit Face Plate in 7 Colors
  • Dimmer Control – lower the lights at your own choice
  • Advanced clarifier
  • Digital Echo with dual front-mounted controls
  • Up-Armed TM Receiver
  • Advanced noise blanking and automatic noise limiter
  • Operates on AM, FM, USB, and LSB modes
  • Limited Factory Warranty of Three (3) years
  • Band/VFO
  • Large Square S/RF and SWR meter
  • 6 tone Roger Beeps
  • Talk back controls
  • PA (Public Address) Circuitry


The Stryker SR 955HPC is designed to produce an excellent reliable performance. The radio features an attractive seven color LED backlit faceplate that lets the operator select the best contrast for day or nighttime operation which means there would be no need to suffer eye strain while working your 10-meter unit.

This is an excellent unit for SSB or AM and it shines on SB giving over 100 watts on the built-in meter. No other radios in this price range are offering SSB and if you love SSB, you would definitely appreciate this device. You would not need a power mic with this radio as the stock mic works just fine and this radio sounds clean and crisp over the buy.

Stryker CB Radio like SR 955 are top notch devices when it comes to quality of operation

The Stryker 955 would need some modifications to accommodate CB channels. The software that comes with the device is fairly easy to operate, works on windows 7 64 bit and has got nice features like SWR cut off and low and high power safety.

It allows customization of frequencies assigned to channels in each band as well as customization of roger beeps and radio operating parameters, roger beeps may be programmed and individually assigned to each channel. The radio is almost quiet with the RF gain all the way up. The large signal meter to the left of the face plate and the back-lighting on the face plate looks amazing, adding flair to the radio.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Reliable performance
  • Excellent SSB facility
  • Great software
  • Cheap finishing outside
  • No option for setting a custom roger beep


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Here is a summary of the Stryker radio reviews :


All the radios from Stryker mentioned here presents a strong case of their own. All of them sports excellent features which add to the functionality of the device and provides a smooth experience. These devices offer a slew of features like clarifier, variable control, PA capability, LED backlit face plate, VFO, dimmer control, ANL etc. that ensures that the user has a seamless communication coupled with an enhanced experience. Each of these radios sets itself apart in a lot of ways.

Stryker SR-955 is the most powerful of the lot producing over 70W PEP. It’s a high power 10/12-meter radio AM/FM, SSB two-way transceiver designed to provide excellent performance and loaded with top quality features. Its software with a lot of customization options sets it apart from its peers. Vehicles with extra space will make use of this large sized radio efficiently.

The superior transmit, receive and reliability are something which will remind you constantly that you have made a right decision by buying this great product. While the stock mic might not give you the best experience, the SR-655 packs a variety of features like instant channel 9/19, 32 stage dimmer control, variable power control etc. that makes it worth the price. If you are in the market for a high-quality 10m radio that talks great and doesn’t burn your pocket, this is the one you should go for.

The SR-497-HPC Radio from Stryker is the finest in its class 10-meter radio for power output and professional quality. It is a practical take no prisoners, two-way radio. The device enjoys bulk of features ranging from two selectable roger beeps to digital echo and variable power control. If you are trying to foray into the world of heavy duty two-way radios, you should set your eyes on the SR-497-HPC.

Got the Powerful CB from Stryker?

CB radios, like the ones from Stryker’s have created a class of their own even amidst advanced means of communication in this modern world. Players like Stryker have redefined the space bringing out exceptional devices with multiple utilities that provides a seamless and quality experience towards effective communication.

The right CB radio, fit for your requirements, could make your life easier and improve productivity, providing a different level of experience.

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