Best Motorcycle CB Radio Systems 2018 : Kits, Headsets and More

Though CB radios may seem quaint and mistakenly obsolete, it is still widely used by many. It’s surprisingly a great way to keep in touch with your homies on a bike. There are chances you’d want to smash the speed in rain, competing with your hoard while being in touch. This is why most of the motorcyclists like me look for the best motorcycle CB radios in the market for an awesome experience.

Many touring organizers and clubs use CB radios for communication which is comparatively less unpleasant and more feasible than exchanging phone numbers for keeping in touch. Even we’re living in the 21st century, many would prefer CB radio over mobile phones for motorcycle too. Positively, this cool automotive product offers wider range for lesser price.

You can’t resist the price tag and you will love using a CB radio while driving your motorcycle.

Reviews of the best motorcycle CB radios in the market. Read on to know more about the CB radio kits and headsets you should buy for your bike

Here is a quick peek into our Editor’s pick when it comes to CB radios for bikes:


Midland 75 822 is a compact cb radio best used for motorcyclesMidland 75-822
This is an ultra-portable CB radio that offers you all the best in class features. The features it offers are normally found in highly priced CBS. It has Channel SCAN, accessibility to weather and emergency channels apart from normal CB features. We are damn sure you will love the easiness in which you can use this great unit.  



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But here is the question,

“Why should I buy CB radio for my motorcycle?”.

Why should you buy CB radio for Your Bike?

Without a doubt, you’d want to dig up enough reasons to order CB radio for your bike. Since the brands have modified their products, it’s not for 1980’s temptation anymore.

Let’s skim through the reasons you should buy CB radio for your motorbike.

  • Simplicity:

    CB radios are exceptional in case of simplicity. They are convenient and does not require a license for legality like most of the two-way radios. Feel free to waver your locks of hair in the air, conversing over new CB radio, riding the new Kawasaki in town.

    Trust me, no one will stop you for license check in the middle of your biking spree!

  • Reasonable Price and Expenses:

    In case you wondered why to use CB radio when you can make a call with a mobile phone; Cellular phone charges you every time you make a call. If you want to team up with your peers in a wild riding game, staying connected, you wouldn’t want your postpaid account to lose a fortune.

    CB radios need one-time payment and installation, allowing you to make as many calls as you desire for free.

  • Security and Safety:

    It is highly durable for safety purposes. With cellular phones, we face signal issues in some areas, making it difficult for us to make an emergency call. There are chances you were on long ‘motor’ drive and lost connection service while meeting the unfortunate emergency.

    CB radios provide a separate channel for emergency situations, monitored by a number of volunteers and services. Your location can be spotted for rescuers’ arrival in time. We will come to this more ahead.

  • Less Vulnerable to Accidents:

    Shoving smartphones inside pocket of your ripped jeans may not be a right choice. Chances are that you may use it later while riding to text your friends behind you. Helmet CB radio needs pressing just one button for making a call.

    Smartphones demand to look down on a glowing screen, sliding down the menu for calling your peers. This, however, is dangerous, or perhaps, fatal in case of an unnoticed blaring truck before the bike.
    Looking for a cb radio for your motorcycle? Here is the best rated headset CB radio reviews.

  • Great Kit for Adventure:

    Suppose you’re planning an adventure up on the hills or silent roads in sweet December with your motorbike squads. You’ll just need to decide on the set of frequencies you’ll be using or engaging with. With this, you’ll be able to alert your pals regarding weather condition or can detect or notify others in case your mate goes missing.

There are plenty of other reasons as well that motivate you for going on CB radio shopping for your motorbikes. These radios have the tendency to integrate entertainment, safety and cheap cost communication.

By now, another question may have born into your mind,

“What are the best motorcycle C B radios in the market?”

Top Three Best Motorcycle CB Radio Reviews

Of course, no one wants to shake their radios up and down in a desire for signal. Luckily, we have jotted down some of the best CB radios to buy for your motorcycles. These CB radios are advanced in its features that may include water resistance, clear communication, good frequency range and compactness.

Let’s look at the top three great motorcycle CB radios.

1.  Midland 75-822: Ultra Compact CB for Your Bike

Midland is a top branded high-reputed CB radio manufacturer. When comes to CB radio, we should not overlook space and quality. Good thing is, Midland 75-822 is designed to be portable in its nature, perfect for small sized vehicles like motorbikes. It has whopping 40 CB channels and 10 NOAA channels. Instant access to the emergency channel (channel 9) and channel 19 with Dual Watch monitoring these and additional channels.

Midland has 4 Watts of output power. You can power it with six AA batteries or cigarette lighter adapter that is included for mobile use. It has an amazing feature like ANL (automatic noise limiter), essential for vehicles more in contact with surrounding like motorbikes. It also has squelch control for improving reception and eliminating noise.Review of Midland 75 822


  • As promised by the manufacturer in form of its advertised features, all the features of this CB radio work well. This compact CB radio is suitable for people opting to use it for their vehicles be it bikes or cars or for other purposes. It is enjoyed widely by many.
  • The transmission quality is excellent and weather channel works pretty well even if you want to go on a wild jeep trail or bike trail on a bumpy road.
  • One of the biggest advantages is versatility. This CB radio can be fitted to small spaces in your car or truck or bikes. It’s portable to a greater degree and can be morphed from handheld radios to the mobile radio.
  • Great in terms of power as it comes with the battery power pack to take it with you or you can choose to plug it into a cigarette lighter.


  • The only complain people may have about this product is not having enough information about connection with a cigarette lighter. The problem may arise if someone tries to use a mobile adapter and small antenna whip at the same time.
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2.  Cobra HH 38 WX ST: Rugged CB Radio for the Money

Cobra is also one of the famous brands that offer great products. The model HH 38 WX ST offers dual watch & full-channel scan. It also has 40 CB channels and 10 weather channels you can tune in to for alerting your folks to keep their bikes parked inside.

For power, you have battery or DC operation, cigarette lighter plug.

Cobra HH 38 WX ST has a built-in microphone and an operating manual included. The High/low power switch reduces power consumption. This radio has Range of up to 4 miles

 Let’s skim through the pros and cons of this product.


  • The product itself includes accessories like high-efficiency antenna, removable belt clips, wrist strap. Perfect for putting these up on snapchat story with your beloved Honda in the back.
  • The weather channel works efficiently, giving up to the minute information regarding weather 24/7.
  • The audio quality of this product is great since it has advanced sound tracker noise reduction systems that cuts up nearly 90 percent of the noise. No more worries about city chirping behind you when you’re riding the bike.
  • Has good readability due to an illuminated full-function display.
  • Portable and versatile. Easy for mounting on motorbikes.


  • Requires external antenna if your pal is riding the bike bit far away to make it work efficiently. Otherwise, it works well for a for shorter distances.
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3.  Midland GXT1000VP4: Impressive Handheld CB

This model from Midland is one of the best choices when it comes to two way GMRS radios. GXT1000VP4 has 50 Channels with Up to 36-Mile range communication in open areas with little or no obstruction. It has 120V Charger.

This has NOAA/All Hazard Weather Channels along with Alert and Weather Scan. You can alert your motorbike squad about the traffic in their area that could’ve made them late for a chemistry exam.

It also includes 142 Privacy Codes with frequency Band ranging from 462.550 – 467.7125MHz.

It also has SOS service, allowing you to make a distress call in case of emergency. One of the cool features includes 10 different ringtones available for this product, making you distinguish between your callers.

Here is the review of Midland GXT 1000 VP4 two way radio.


  • One of the best pros of this radio is JIS4 waterproof, that means, no more hiding in the house in light rain.
  • It offers a direct call to the one member of the party.
  • You don’t need shouting over the radio stuck in traffic, making everyone awkward. Good thing is, no one can see your face behind that bike helmet. If you need keeping secret, it allows you to whisper and still be heard.
  • With eVOX, you don’t need external voice activation as it provides Hands-Free Operation by easily activating with voice.
  • Has the exceptional and impressive quality of transmission. Without a doubt, strong and powerful signal strength. There will be no distortion or obstruction in the signal that may disturb your motorbikes activity.
  • All features work perfectly fine.


  • This product is exceptional with almost all features, but, the only con that would upset many is the one feature missing in the model even though in the advertisement it may be present. The beloved ‘group call’ feature has been removed in the model.
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You should also check out other accessories like motorcycle cb radio headset while making a purchase. You will need a good headset for your CB radio for motorcycle.

Tips for Buying Best Motorcycle C B radio:

 Since We’ve already discussed top 3 CB radio for motorcycles, let us discuss some of the tips on how to buy the best one or features to look for.

  • Size: Look for Compact CB Radios

    If you’re looking for CB radios for your Motorcycle, the top most important thing is its size. Choose radios that are portable or can easily be mounted on smaller areas or vehicles.

  • Instant Channels: Emergency and Weather Channels

    CB radios must have emergency channels like channel 9 and a channel 19. When you go out buying the radio, make sure you look for this feature as you can encounter any emergency while riding the bike.

  • ANL and RF Gain: For a Better Experience

    When you’re booming in the city with that sheeny heavy bike, you wouldn’t enjoy city’s hustle ruining CB radio’s reception. For this, check for ANL feature. ANL (Automatic Noise Limiting) removes noises producing from static, vehicle engine, and other factors to remove the sound quality of reception.

    By reducing the gain of receiver’s side, RF gain can filter certain transmissions the radio receives based on signal strengths. It is adjustable and can be used for blocking low transmissions to restrict noises in the background while communicating with someone who has a strong signal.

  • Illuminated Displays :

    This is an important feature if you mind squinting in the night, parking your 750cc bike behind the tree. Check for radios that have Nightwatch or Backlit display.

  • Bluetooth And Headset:

    Some CB radios merge Bluetooth technology with the radio. With this, you can make or receive phone through radio calls if Bluetooth is available. After finding CB radio with Bluetooth technology, look for wireless headsets that are compatible with them. This can limit the distractions and help you focus on the road, enjoying cold night drive and clear talk.

  • Waterproof Technology:

    Riding a bike in a sudden rain slicking away your $340 jacket? Hated that your radio received water splashes. Wished everything was waterproof?

    Not too late.

    Before buying CB radio for bike, look for CB radios that are water resistant up to some degrees. Great products like Midland GXT1000VP4 offer JIS4 waterproof feature.

  • Weather Channels:

    Keep your friends and yourself updated with the weather condition by tuning in to weather channels before planning a biking trip. Many CB radios or two-way radios provide up to 10 weather channels. This is a good way to stay aware of what is to come and what roads may be slippery.

  • Check for the best CB Radio headset for Motorcycle and other Accessories tooYou can’t just drive away on your motorcycle after purchasing a bike CB Radio.  You will need more accessories like a headset for the CB radio and other accessories to mount it to your vehicle.Most of us often forget it. So, don’t forget it.

Summing Up

Though this may be an era of smartphones as a source of communication, CB radios have their own charms and benefits that stand them out. It is safer, cheaper and easy to use. For selecting best CB radio for motorcycle, consider the top factors to look for, like, size and versatility, clear communication, waterproof technology, ANL and RF gain, and emergency channels. This way, you wouldn’t spend your weekend depressed over newly bought product that couldn’t work the way it should.

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