Best 3 President CB Radio Reviews 2018 : Guide to the Top CB Brand

In this era of wide competition, everyone roots out for the best in every field. When we talk about the tech industry, the feature worth drooling over is advancements in the technologies excelling in terms of innovation and class. CB industry has been active for many decades but the enthusiasm hasn’t been thrown down to the limbo. In the newer decade, CB enthusiast is looking for advanced radios which provide top-notch features to elevate great CB experience.

CB radios from President is something which comes to everyone’s mind while speaking of great products.

President CB radio is one of the best rated candidate in the market. Here are the best CB radios from President you can put your money on

Talking about the radios that ditch old-school phenomenon and give the excellence in terms of performance, CB radio President brand comes in the big picture.

What’s special about President Radios?

Before considering fortes of President CB radios, let us talk about the fact that speaks for itself.

If you’re a CB enthusiast, you should know this. The President CB radio company is responsible for inventing ‘Automatic Squelch control’ in 1996. You also know that this is being used by almost all the CB radios nowadays. This very innovative feature has helped them in striking a valuable position in CB industry.

Let’s dive in to see the top qualities of CB radios manufactured by ‘President’.

  • Advanced Technology

    One great advantage of CB radios from President guarantee is the use of advanced technologies. They believe in leaving behind the quaint features that have become obsolete before the 21st century. This motivates them in pushing all boundaries to blend the innovation in their products.

  • Long-Term Warranty

    President have built up extensive confidence in their product. They use cutting technology in their radios. This results in long-term warranty they provide for their customers in their products.

  • Maximum Power Output and Less Interference:

    CB radio President confidently provides maximum power output as allowed legally by the law.  They use high-quality Murata filters to wipe out any interference and offer the best selectivity in this domain.

  • Durable and Light-weighted:

    CB radios belonging to President offer extensive durability. Their light-weightiness must not trick you in thinking it will be a nightmare for vehicles prone to massive jolts. They are strong and light, enduring tough conditions.

Best President CB Radios to Buy

Now is the high time we talk about best CB radios produced by President which guarantee an unforgettable experience.

President McKinley

Mckinley CB radio from President is a nice to CB to have for your vehicle

Plus points:

  • The radio offers compactness which asserts its compatibility with small places or vehicles like jeeps having space problems.
  • The radio comes in its perfect shape. You do not need to peak and tune it.
  • With SWR tone calibration, the setup becomes easy.
  • It also has channel changing mic and large LCD Display offering you three different colors for this domain.

Negative point:

  • The absence of RF gain knob adds a little negative point to this overall finest product.

One of the top qualities of this product is that it can operate from 12 DC volts to 24 volts DC.  It is the SSB CB radio having weather bands along with the alert system. You’ll be notified in case of critical weather condition.

This high-technology radio with AM/USB/LSB modes and switchable talkback system offers 40 AM channels with SSB mode offering upper and lower of all. It also includes an important variable RF power control feature along with its very own squelch control. You can also recreate typical movie scenes with its innovative “Roger Beep” technology.

It guarantees great reception with its Mic and RF gain control feature integrated with Noise Blanker and Automatic Noise Limiter. Easily supports Scan and Dual Watch functions. It comes with Mic, Mounting Bracket and Power Cord.

It makes an addition to the innovative features with its extraordinary VOX Ability and “beep Sound” of SWR Meter.

President Johnny III

CB Radio President Johnny III is a great buy for those who are looking for long range CB RadiosThis another installment in President’s radios offers 40 channels along with Weather Alert system. This means if you’ve turned on this feature, you’ll be alerted about different weather conditions, saving you from unpredictable mishaps.

The product comes with automatic Squelch control system which depicts better reception quality by diminishing the noise in the background. This president CB radio operates on 12 to 24 Volt DC like other president radios.

The radio has also sponsored Backlit LCD display, allowing multi-color selection. Also Includes microphone, power cord, and mounting bracket. It also has ‘Scan’ and ‘Roger Beep’ features.

This radio smashes the market with its perfect size and non-compromised features. It includes almost all the features of advanced CB radios in more feasible size.

Plus points:

  • The noise blanker and RF gain control are responsible for constructing reception signal properly and produce good quality sound.
  • This CB President Johnny III radio is user-friendly and requires easy installation and setup.
  • The compact and indestructible nature of this President CB makes it perfectly suitable for jeeps, tractors, and cruisers. The reason is that these undergo lots of jerks and beatings and require the CB radio that can withstand all that.

Negative Point:

  • The light-weight quality of President Johnny III may bother some people. Some people might feel that its just a toy. Lol! (This is one of the leading complaints about the device by amateur users)

Johnson II USA – 12/24V

President CB Radio Johnson II CB radio is a great choice for manyJohnson II USA offering 40 AM channels operates on 12 or 24 Volts DC having the Up/ Down channel selector. The CB comes with Manual Squelch Control. This helps you to adjust the volume to your desire by suppressing the background noise. Fortunately, you can now enjoy easy-readability with this advanced president radio’s multi-functional ‘three-color’ LCD display.

Comes with the bewildering 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, its ‘Switchable ANL’ and ‘Noise Blanking’ technology diminishes electrical interference. It provides CB/PA switch to allow utilizing a ‘Public Address speaker’.

Comes with the RF/Signal strength meter, it utilizes optimum space in installation process with its front-panel microphone connector. The radio runs smoothly with its Talkback and Beep functions along with already installed external loudspeaker jack.

Plus Points:

  • Its top-notch Delta tune system reduces the static and clarifies incoming signals.
  • With the presence of instant channel 9 switch, you can have immediate access to the emergency channel.
  • Weather Alert system notifies you about insurgent weather situation. This will ensure your safe driving and lower disturbance on the road.


If you’re looking for radios that do not compromise on quality and favor innovation in their products, CB Radio President sure are your things. They guarantee durability, maximum power output, exceptional sound quality and high-technology features that make sure your radios stand out from the rest.

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