Galaxy DX 2547 Review – A Feature Rich Easy to Mod CB Radio

Gone the days when people used to talk through the radios to their relatives from other cities or getting the continuous feedback from the workers working in mines. With new smartphones and other gadgets launching every day, the sound of the CB radio is rarely heard from the households. However, in today’s era of faster and compact technology, very few CB radios are left in the market. And tell you what, Galaxy DX 2547 is one of them.

While many manufacturers are emphasizing on mobile radios, DX 2547 is the only CB radio still widely sold across United States in today’s era. With the look similar to those of older ham radios, this AM & SSB CB radio is set with the new features like talkback, roger beep and six-digit frequency counter. The CB radio comes with the built in power supply and the regulator. What most of us will love the most about this CB is ease of use and it can be operated on both AC and DC signals.

DX 2547 CB radio is widely used by the truck drivers at their base stations and in vehicles. You won’t see any of it’s users not recommending this stylish CB. Coming with two years warranty along with other splendid features, this is one of the best CB Radio any truck driver can think of.

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Features of Galaxy DX 2547 CB radio:

Nowadays, Galaxy is the only brand that manufactures the base CB radios, so let’s see what features they provide with their widely used CB radio.

  • Operates on 120v AC and 12v DC
  • Variable RF output control allows you to set dead keys from 1 watt up to 4 watts
  • Roger beep with the on/off switch similar to as Galaxy 959
  • Channel changing controls with a good built and engagement
  • Stable six digit frequency display and Modulation meter to show transmitting and receiving frequency of the radio
  • Built in power supply and 12VDC connection at the back of the radio for the external power supply in case
  • Multiple modification switches to add extra frequencies
  • Auto SWR alert circuit and built in speaker
  • Features the variable talkback control to adjust the noise from mild to loud
  • With the talkback control, operators can use different microphones
  • Galaxy Noise Filter provided especially for weak signals
  • Flip-up feet for Microphone (both adjustable and handheld microphone)
  • Four pin microphone connector
  • Clarifier knob provided to lock and unlock the clarifier control
  • LED indicators for GNF, ANL, NB, LSB, AM, PA, RB, USB
  • Large 4 scale easy to read meter to indicate up to 60 db over S9
  • Module percentage scale for AM usage
  • Power scale for AM and SSB
  • In addition to the standard user manual, a service manual is also provided that encloses the Schematic diagrams
  • Two years warranty from the manufacturer

Additional features:

  • 40 channel AM/SSB and PA modes
  • 1/4” front headphone jack
  • Rear jacks for PA and to connect external speakers
  • Transmit and receive gain controls
  • Noise blanker and auto noise limiter with the on/off switch
  • LED indicator for TX/RX

Galaxy DX 2547 Review

The Galaxy DX CB helps people to connect with their friends and family all over the country with its strong transmission and receiving signal quality. I have seen mine owners using it in their mines to contact their labors and to know the current situation in the field.

This AM/SSB radio comes with six-digit frequency display and many other controls including Galaxy Noise Filter, talkback control, six-digit frequency display shows various tuned-in frequencies so the user need not use buttons or menu to look for the transmitting and receiving signals.

The CB radio enjoys great reviews from both fresh and expert users. Some users paired it with Antron 99 and imax 2000 and the radio is working just fine.

You will hear the delightment from the 2547 users if you inquireabout the quality. The brand has provided great power and sound in DX 2547 CB radio. The manufacturer has successfully maintained the good support and customer service. So if you by chance receive a faulty CB radio or antenna, you need not worry. You can easily get the replacement. Thanks to the great support from the Galaxy.

Galaxy 2547 is a great feature rich CB radio to buy.

Like old times, some used the Galaxy DX to talk to their friends and relatives all over the country with the help of CB base antenna. Mine owners are having the great results by using the DX CB radio in their mines. With active ANL and NB and the tone control set low, the radio eliminated all the noise making it easy on the ears, which is an advantage in a home environment.

While many are happy with their purchases of Galaxy DX, few found some downsides of this CB radio. According to them, DX 2547 is not ideal for sideband. The radio needs to warm up before turning it on sideband. This might take a lot of time. The noise filter of DX CB radio muffles the incoming modulation as they are mounted on the radio itself.

There also is a slight drift in frequency whenever the radio is overheated which happens to be in every 15-20 minutes, but the drift is very less due to built-in power supply and the regulator.

So till now, we are good with the features and the overall reviews of the Galaxy DX AM/SSB CB radio. Moreover, I am sure that many of you have already decided to buy this well built and feature rich bass CB radio. I even found some reviews from Europe commenting, they are happy that Galaxy 2547 AM/SSB CB radio are finally available in Europe. But the availability of for DX 2547 with added FM features is yet to reach their countries.

However, if you still have some doubts, here are some advantages of the Galaxy DX 2547 that may help you in your purchase.


  • Easy to use, even new users can master the CB radio easily
  • Excellent transmitting and  receiving abilities
  • User manual and online instruction for alignments and modes
  • Auto control knobs, less need to look at the display or going through the multiple menus
  • Separate noise blanker and Galaxy Noise Filter (GNF) to limit the noise automatically

As every product has its downside, Galaxy DX too have few exception to this.


  • Expensive in cost
  • Easily breakable flip-up feet
  • Takes more desk space

Galaxy DX 2547 is one of the top CB radio available in the market. This is a picture of the 2547.Though Galaxy DX is not as alluring in style, I will suggest its one of the best CB radio if you’re looking for customization. With the auto noise controls, LED talkback circuit and AM/SSB modes, this CB radio is a perfect choice with its great audio reports and equally good output.

In addition, the CB radio is good to use at home as well as in travel. It means the CB radio is all set to save your money and hassle of buying two different radios for different usages.

Liked the DX 2547?

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