Custom CB Radios : Everything You Need to Know CB Radio Mods

There is no doubt in the fact that every one of us wants the best in everything. Same is the case with CB radio enthusiasts. You may be a CB radio freak driving 1800 cc car with perfect speed, your car tires screeching against the road. Just like the perfect speed, you would also want your CB radios to work at its best.

Humans always find a way to make the products work in the way they’re not supposed to. That may include hackers creeping to unauthorized sites or CB enthusiast tinkering their radios for optimum performance. However, some changes can lead you tapping into different channels you shouldn’t intrude.

CB Radio mods give you the top most experience

Before You go for CB Radio Mods

One thing to note before looking for CB modification is that some modification can result in illegal change in your system. That means fine and jail too. For this purpose, we’ve crafted this article to let you understand a bit about CB radio modification.

Benefits of Custom CB Radios

Customization proves to be highly beneficial for your shabby CB radios that you want to smack against the wall because of poor signals. However, even if people get great CB radios that work fine, some of them would still want modification. That’s probably because we humans, always look for more.

Some of the benefits include

  • Good power output resulting in great range for your CB radio.
  • Loud reception and clear signal.

Better Ways to Modify:

There are number of ways CB radio is modified. The changes take place in the components of your radio. Let’s look at different kind of changes component wise.

Changes in Modulation Limiters:

There are certain modifications that require removal of different components that are used to bound the transmitters modulation. This helps the radio to modulate outside the channel range.

However, for some radios, this can come as a doom. If you own Uniden Pro 510 or 520 radios, disabling modulation limiters may not be a good choice. The reason is that these radios get truly disturbed with background noise interfering especially if you’re at closer range.

This can also result in undesirable increase in current drain which results in destruction of different components of your CB radio. However, we still have the solution for this issue.

Instead of disabling the limiter, all you need to do is replacing the limiting component with other component that favors more modulation without getting uncontrollable. Best part about this is that it is going to provide longer life to your radio and will offer clearer signal.Custom CB Radios is something you should go for if youre not happy with your product

Super Modulation kit:

This kind of modification has proven itself to be sufficient for producing excellent results. This is done with appropriate resistor/capacitor combination. Since the duty cycle of the final amplifier is reduced, your radio can be termed as evergreen.

With the use of proper capacitor and compatible resistor along with minor adjustment of the modulation, you can get great results. The result will stand out in performance as compared with other customization techniques for CB radios.

One thing to keep in mind is that with this modification, you wouldn’t be able to get ‘FCC approved’ certification. However, your radio may still operate under the proper specification set up by the FCC. Note that there may be a slight difference in modulation.

Nevertheless, one thing this method can guarantee is clear signal and loud reception.

What Radios Should You Customize?

Not all radios are ready for modification. Some radios may turn out to be a nightmare if you modify it with common techniques. Some radios cannot handle the change in them or some may lead to serious issues.

We’ve decided to highlight this issue so that you make wise decisions.

Old or New Radios:

Yes, when it comes to modification, it matters. It is better to take your old CB radio out for modification instead of the new one. There are two main reasons why we made such a statement.

  • Old CB radios have more operators, meaning more experienced people in this domain. If you go for CB customization for old radios, you’ll find more people who have hands on experience on different modification methods. They can help you out in guiding you what to do and what not to tinker.
  • If you use new CB radios for modification, chances are that you’ll get noticeable extra power output that can put you in danger zone. You can be fined by FCC. You’ll be unable to excavate ways to safely modify your radios.

Most Suitable Radios for Modification:

There are some radios that are perfectly suitable for modification. This includes Cobra 25 Ltd or Cobra 29. With modification, you can get 30 to 35 Watts of swing.

You can also apply super modulation kit technique by using 220uf capacitor with a 27ohm resistor and enjoy excellent result. The quality of reception will be great and you’ll get clearer signal.

Who Should Do the Modification?

You can however do simple modification all by yourself. If the modification method is simple and all it need is simple rewiring, then you do not need to venture into your local stores.

However, if the method requires tinkering and cutting stuff on the circuit board or installing different components, you need to hand your radio over to experts.  This method can be difficult for both traditional or new CB radios.

If you’re more prone to ignoring delicacy and destroying stuff, trying to make things better, never modify it with your hands. Send your equipment to the trusted store and they can provide you good services.

Where Should You Go for Modification?

You can check out different local stores or online stores that can offer you technical support in custom CB radio and modification. Check their websites by which you can judge their depth of their knowledge and skills.

Conclusion : Found CB Mods Options?

If you want to see the best in your radio, you need to give priority to safe and efficient modification techniques. Ask yourself if you can handle the illegal status on your radio if you hunt for extra power output. Contact different stores and keep your CB radios in safe and experts hands so that you get good experience  instead of regret.

Yes, custom CB Radios is the best solution if you’re not happy with your existing CB Radio.


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