Cobra 29 LX 40 Channel CB Radio Review : Best CB for Serious Users

Are you bored of your existing CB radio that goes as mechanical as your job life? How about a flashy CB radio with a multicolor display that can create a lively ambiance in your dull setting?

It sounds appealing, right?

Luckily, Cobra has come up with such a CB radio with four selectable colors- red, blue, green and amber that can transform your spiritless driving into an artistic occupation.

Well! It turns out that this Cobra 29 CB has to offer you something more. It not only mesmerizes you visually with its contemporary design but also aurally in a splendid way with an advanced PA system and a talkback feature. The dynamic is adjustable for getting an enhanced voice clarity.

Inside is Cobra 29 LX Review. It is one of the best and stylish weather CB Radio in the market.Cobra 29 LX CB Radio is a full-featured, contemporary flashy CB radio with all advanced radio functionalities including selectable 4 multicolor display, PA system and weather channels. It is one of the best CB radios in the market for heavy vehicles. 

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The Cobra 29LX 40 Channel CB radio delivers much more and I bet you that you will love using this aesthetically beautiful piece.

Day or night! It doesn’t matter. You have a wonderful dimmer with adjustable brightness to enable a clear watch and revive your light or dark working hours.

What’s more is further exciting. Maximum power output, timer and clock settings, customizable day and night settings, weather channels, delta tune, antenna indicator- there is a lot to treasure when you purchase this product.


  • Selectable Four Color Display
  • Adjustable Dimmer
  • Talkback
  • 10 NOAA Weather Channels
  • Weather Scan Alert
  • Selectable Key Tone
  • RF Gain

  • PA Capability
  • Delta Tune
  • Radio Check Diagnostics
  • Clock
  • Alarm / Timer
  • Nine Foot Microphone Cord
  • Memory Channel
  • Instant Channels


Best Flashy Radio

I always love to create a colorful ambiance around in every way. Hence I grabbed this wonderful piece immediately after it was launched in the market. I often drive different cars and this radio enables me to select the display color that matches with my cab. I often go with the green lighting as it is super bright during late night rides.

Absolute Choice for My Truck

I own a large truck and this one seems to be the perfect fit for it. Since my truck has ample space to mount this largely sized radio, it is a luxurious, at the same time affordable choice for me. The large illuminating display is really convenient for professional truck drivers. They not only provide a colorful background but also allow you to read everything in just one glance.

In fact, the nine-foot microphone is such a blessing that you can mount the radio at any place you wish.

A Fully Featured Multicolor Radio

After doing plenty of comparisons and studies, this one proved to be the best choice for me. It has all the advanced features you look for in a CB radio with an additional highlight of selectable four color display.

In Love with this Modern Beast

This one seems to be a modern beast as it is jam-packed with all the features required for a CB radio.  For me, the most attractive part of the whole setup is its modern design. It doesn’t give that conventional outlook anymore. Instead, you can flaunt this radio as a style statement for your cab.


Pros Cons
  •  Multicolour Display
  • Clear Signal
  • Maximum Power Output
  • Easy to Read
  • User-Friendly Operation
  • This is too large sized for small vehicles which are not equipped with enough space to mount radios.


After going through the article, you might have found out plenty of reasons to purchase this tempting package.

The most enticing feature of this product is its brilliant multicolor display in addition to other exciting functionalities that include good signal strength and voice clarity.

If you wish to add color to your life, then this one goes absolutely well with your desire.

The only disadvantage this stylish piece has is its size. You can’t use it for motorcycles and small-sized SUVs. Yeah, it’s manufactured for serious CB radio users like truck and pickup drivers.

As we have said before, this stunning feature-rich CB radio is for serious CB users and they will be delighted using this.

Below is CB Radio Guru Rating of the product :

All those truck drivers who’ve used the CB radio recommend it to their peers, as per our survey. This might be one of the key reason behind its popularity. Looking for the review and rating of Cobra 29 LX CB Radio? Here's our expert rating of the product

Any authentic website will give 9.9 rating for 29LX Model from the Cobra brand. The CB provides top notch performance and you’ll love the features like weather detection and access to local NOAA Stations.

If you’re one of those serious CB radio users, this is the CB you should buy and check it out what other customers say about this product from the official dealer’s page below:

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