CB Radio Kit Reviews 2018 : List of Top CB Kits to Buy

I don’t have to tell you that no CB radio works alone. There are important accessories that make them usable devices. In fact, it is these devices which make the CB radios work perfectly. These accessories include CB antennas, CB microphones, CB mounts, etc.

What if I tell you that you can get all these accessories together. Yeah, I’m talking about CB radio kit.

The importance of having a good kit for your CB radio has a lot to do with an outstanding CB experience.

Are you looking for a good CB radio package? Here is the list of top rated kits for your CB experience

We are damn sure that you will get the best CB radio package of your choice from the market. Take a good look at reviews of our top picks below.

Why Should I buy a CB Radio Kit?

I take it granted that you already know the importance of having the best CB radio for you.  You might be someone who is looking for better results and better experiences.

If you are serious about using CB radio, let me guide you through some of the reasons why you should consider buying a kit.

Let’s see them one by one:

1.      Convenience: The best aspect of having a CB radio kit is the convenience. Yeah, all the accessories and CB radio you need come in one kit. That means picking and using a CB radio will not be a daunting task anymore.

You do not have to search for each accessory from one shop market to another before you find the components you need.

2.      Compatibility: One of the main complaints we normally hear about CB radios is the compatibility. To get good gains and best sound experience, you need CB antenna and mics which is compatible with the CB radio you buy. But to be honest, that is not the case always.

We often end up with the wrong products and we will start to hate the CB we bought.

But if you are buying a kit, it won’t be the case anymore. You will get all the items together. More importantly, all these CB items are compatible and you will have the best experience in using them.

3 Top Best CB Radio Kits to Buy in 2018

Our list of CB kits is compiled based on quality and users’ experience. Every CB radio kits represent the unquestionable mark of quality. None of our options we cause you a headache, in any way, say a part is not perfect or will not work.

Below are the best CB radio kits, CB equipment, or CB accessories on the market.

1. Pro trucker CB Radio full kit

Pro trucker CB Radio full kit is one of the best you can have for your vehicle.

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Our top pick among the all the CB radio packages is from none other than Pro Trucker. They are known for producing top quality devices.

The package includes the following:

This kit includes all the best you can get. It includes a radio, 4’ CB antenna, antenna mount, and an antenna stud CB spring. Added to that is a high-quality coaxial cable.

The cable has PL-259 connectors. With the cable, you will get quality transmission of the communication, and it’s easy to fix to your radio or mount. The coax includes soldered PL259 connectors.

We believe there are many reasons that make this kit the best for you. One key aspect is the user experience and convenience.

I don’t have to tell how good the Uniden radio device is. They are known for their durability, compact and affordability. For commercial, industrial or off-road use, it’s the favorite, no wonder it’s common.

In the kit is Fiberglass antenna that has a tune-able tip. As a perfect addition, it complements the PRO 5505XL radio.

You will also get a 3-way Mirror Antenna Mount and a stud produce of aluminum of high quality inside the kit. The kit includes SO-239 stud with standard 3/8” x 24 threaded base, a perfect match to the Pro Trucker antenna. The SO-239 connection unites with all PL-259 barrel-style style coax connections.

The heavy duty spring is durable and which protects your antenna, mount, and vehicle.

Another great thing to mention about this product is its installation. You will have stress free installation with this CB package. PRO Trucker, has placed in one kit all the best accessories. All you need to do is to get it and enjoy the best.

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2. Pro Trucker Pickup CB Radio Kit

Pro Trucker Pickup CB Radio Kit is one of the best rated kits of CB

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The second kit in our list is also from Pro Trucker. Inside this you will find:

  • A Uniden Pro 520XL CB Radio
  • A Pro Trucker 4’ White Fiberglass Antenna
  • A Firestik SS-294A Stake Hole Mount.
  • An 18’ coaxial Cable
  • A Driver’s Product SWR Meter
  • A Jumper Cable for SWR Meter
  • A Pro Trucker 2.75”6 Watt external speaker
  • A medium duty CB Antenna Spring.

Your hours of tiring and frustrating search for the best, fast, easy to install CB radio is now gone. Everything you need is in the kit, and all components are compatible. Hence, you do not need to worry about the best mount, the best antenna.

This CB package, just like the first one comes with a nice array of accessories. They are compatible and easy to use.

You only need to choose the Pro Trucker Pickup CB Radio Kit.

We can guarantee you that this is another great CB box you can consider buying. Remember, these are exclusively made for pick up trucks.

However, the coax and antenna may be different from the pictures you see online. It only means the colors available in stock are delivered. Fear not, quality is not tampered with.

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3. Midland Xtreme Bundle

Midland CB Radio package is a top choice to make

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This Midland Xtreme bundle is not a CB radio package. Still, we would like to mention it in this list because of its wide acceptance.

This kit has a Micro Mobile 15 channel 5 watt GMRS radio with magnetic mount antenna. Mxt90 installation can be made on or under the dash with a flip frame bracket design. Inside, you find GXT 1000vp4 channel GMRS portable radios.

The gxt1000vp4 comes with dual desktop charger and rechargeable battery packs. You have, also, a 12-volt vehicle adaptor. You have access to NOAA weather on both units, and even it provides weather scan.

Additionally, the mobile unit of the product provides 142 privacy codes, channel scan, programmable squelch and silent operation. The product is for your best convenience. You can easily and effectively communicate with other Midland and GMRS two-way radios.

Certainly, the Midland Consumer Radio GXT1000XB is one of the best. Packaged by Midland Radio Corporation, their effort tells in the performance of the product.

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What to Look for When buying CB Radio Kits

Our list has stated the best CB radio kits you can get. But there are other little factors to consider when buying CB radio kits. Factors such as affordability, easy installation, completeness, compatibility, are few among others you should consider.

How do you make sure that you get all the things mentioned above?

Buy from the best!

If you’re looking forward in buying the kit, make sure that the CB radios listed there are good enough. The antenna should not be too lengthy, but it should give you enough range. You should focus on the fact that buying from the top-rated manufacturers will get you good radio. Hence, you should ensure you read the products specification that suits you.

Choose carefully and make the most of your devices.

In fact, the products we have listed above are of top-notch quality and we can vouch for their performance.

Let us know what you feel after using them.

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