Best Handheld CB Radio 2018 : Portable CB Radio and Antenna Reviews

Handheld CB radios are known by different names; Some call it as the handheld, some name it portable CB or mobile CB radio. Whatever may be the name, these are small sized CB radios which are mainly used by motorcyclists and SUVs. You know the hardship in using an overly sized device in your vehicles. That’s why it is very important to dig into the best handheld CB radio reviews to get one.

Are you looking to buy a portable CB radio? Then you should read this article on the Best handheld CB Radio reviews.


A nice handheld CB radio should give the most pleasing user experience. They are designed for the convenience of moving it around. However, it is hard to find a black and white detailed information on the best portable CB radios in the market. And, that’s why I have decided to pen down this article to help you find a highly powerful mobile CB radio.

Below is our researched knowledge about handheld citizen band radios. We expect that this information will be all you need to get the perfect portable CB radio for your need.

Before we start, let us start with the most important question!

Why do You Need a Handheld CB Radio?

With the presence of different kinds of CB radios, why one may go for the portable radios? You alredy know that it is the size of the handheld CBs that make the difference. But what are those features this compact factor gives you?

Let us go through the features that make handheld CB radios one of the most bought in the market.

1. Best CB Device for Motorcyclists and SUVs

A Handheld Cb is a unique device among other CB radios. With the portable factor, it is more or less like a mobile phone. It can be used to communicate with any other CB. Hence, when you purchase a Handheld radio device, you are not only getting a secured line for conversing, you are also getting some of the essential facilities of a mobile phone for a low cost.

With the compact size, these mobile CB radios offer you the freedom of keeping it at any place you want. They are best used by motorcyclists. Yeah, you get it. CB Radios for bikes should be small in size and portable for ease of use. Even SUVs and Cars use these CB Radios. (Find our best rated car CB radios here:

It is often the case that you might have space limitations in your vehicle. This is the main problem with bikes and cars. This is where a handheld CB comes into play.

2. Yes, they’re very Cheap

A portable CB radio is the best you should have for your convenience. Here is an article on top portable CB radios and antennasAnother thing to consider is the rate on which one can obtain a handheld. Having established that these Cb radio devices can replace mobile phones in some services, you will like to know that they cost far less the amount of a phone.

3. Wider Coverage

There is nothing more calming than being assured of safety. With that point stressed, be reminded that one of the reasons we purchase a communication device is to ensure we are updated and connected, both for security reasons and important communication.

With a handheld device in hand, you can go off the road without the fear of losing communication signal. A handheld provides a secured and broader coverage to you as opposed to your mobile phone.

4. Safety

When all fails, and a CB handheld radio is closeby, you can breathe in an air of relief. Safety is another crucial reason to be in possession of a handheld. When your phone fails you, it won’t fail you, because it has a secured line and wide coverage.

Who Should Get a Portable CB Radio?

  • Handheld CB radios are perfect for activities that involve human interactions instead of vehicles on road. You may go for camping or exploring in woods without losing signals. This means you can stay connected with your friends throughout the day.
  • The portable CB radio is perfect for adventures having emergency risks and weak signal coverage. With CB radio, you can easily notify on an emergency channel in case of a displeasing moment. You can also keep track of your friends, and easily search them in case they go missing.
  • Perfect for touring organizers as they can spread out these to tourists. This can save them from keeping records of tons of cellphone numbers.

Best Handheld CB Radio Reviews – Only the BEST ones are Listed here

You can find handheld CB radio reviews here.

Let me ask you a simple question.

What’s the general expectation you should have while going for a CB handheld? I think the majority of us will try to get a device that provides the most comfort and superb performance. Hence it is very obvious that you should have your gaze glued to the specification, reviews, and appeal.

Furthermore, though lineaments like weather forecast, emergency channels,  compact and user-friendly design etc are what Handheld Citizen band devices are known for, these qualities are not evenly found across products. This is why it is essential you know which one will render the best features and user experience.

Hence, we bring to your attention a list that contains handheld CB products based on their capacity to possess these necessary qualities. Moreover, we have also taken into account what people have to say about their efficiency and cost.

1. Cobra HH 38 WX ST: Nice Handheld CB with Good Reception

The 40 channel CB radio from Cobra vouches for its outstanding performance and compact size. It features dual watch and full-channel scan, providing the customers full 10 weather channels. Runs on battery or DC operation, it exhibits 4 watts power (maximum) with 4 miles range. The highlighting aspect of this wonderful handheld CB is none other than its transmission power. I’m damn sure it will exceed your expectation.

This hand-held CB radio has a built-in microphone with ‘SoundTracker’ system. This function provides exceptional sound by cutting up the noise to 90 percent.

The radio has a removable belt clip, wrist strap, and high-efficiency antenna. It also provides 12V cigarette lighter plug and an operating manual. You will love the High/low power switch which helps in reducing power consumption.

With the availability of channel 9, you can notify others in an emergency, driving your motorbike. One of the major issue with this CB  is that it doesn’t have a good CB antenna. You can achieve a moderate performance with the default antenna. But for an excellent performance, it is suggested to use a quality external CB antenna.

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2. Uniden PRO520XL: One of the best Performing Cheap Handheld CB

Uniden’s Pro520XL features all 40 Channels with maximum 4 watts power output. For ease and safety, it offers channel 9 along with channel 19 for truckers. You will get a strong reception/transmission in this highly affordable handheld CB radio. Moreover, the ultra-compact CB radio is designed to last long.  You will easily get 3-5 years of great performance out of this CB.

The radio has a front-positioned microphone with an extra-long coiled cord.  This enables retracting the cord to longer distance for relaxed communication. This compact radio is built on a superheterodyne circuit (phase locked loop), sponsoring precise control.

The good part about this small-sized radio is that it offers better reception, eliminating background noise. This is done by featured ‘Automatic Noise Limiter’ and ‘Auto-Squelch’.  You can monitor your radio’s activity by glancing over Signal/RF meter and LED indicators. The 3-4 miles range it offers will delight you.

The well built radio doens’t ask you to replace the mic. The stock mic is very good and you will hear only good thing about your sound quality at the other end.

The Uniden’s PRO520XL provides PA/CB switch and external speaker connection for Public Address System mode.  You will love the smooth switching happens. There won’t be any beep-beep sound making it a noisy affair. This perfect hand-held device favors easy installation and operation with just a little amount of money.

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3. Midland 75-822: The Best Handheld CB Radio (rated by customers)

The Midland 75-822 is a portable device that provides its users with 40-CB and 10 NOAA channels to keep them connected and informed about the weather changes. Truckers who purchase this device gets instant access to channel 9 and 19. There is a Dual Watch feature attached to the handheld radio which can help you monitor channel 19 and any other additional channel you choose. In our experience of reviewing the top CB radios in the market, this one easily fits in.

It provides Channel Scan feature for monitoring activities of all channels.

The cool memory feature in this radio helps you in storing your top 5 channels. You can also switch to the last channel tuned before shutting down the radio. With ‘Dual Watch’ feature, you can monitor any channel of your choice.

This tiny CB radio guarantees excellent reception with ANL and Squelch control. These restrict your worries about urban noise by suppressing it extensively. Provides NOAA channels for weather and forecast updates and monitored ‘Emergency Channel 9’.

For powering your system, it supports six AA batteries having battery life extender feature. For easy usage, it comes with a mobile adapter for powering it through vehicle’s cigarette lighter.

The impressive multifunctional backlit LCD display is feasible for both day and night reading.  This small radio encases ‘hands-free mode’ and ‘locking’ feature. With the latter, you can lock your settings to disable messing it up by mistake.

The device also comes with a 4-watts output which means you are not left out of the communication range boost. Aside from the broader range it presents, there is an Automatic Noise Limiter feature to ensure you don’t have any cacophony within the line when connecting with your fellow truckers, or receiving information.

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4. Uniden PRO401HH: A Cheap Well Built Handheld CB Radio for Close Communication

Uniden PRO401HH is one of the best and well built cheap handheld CB radio out there. There are lots of reasons why truckers love it.  The main reason is that it is designed to fit perfectly within your grip. Moreover, it has a vast connection range and is of good quality at the affordable price it offers.

When looking at the physical components of this communication device, it presents a battery that lasts pretty long. Also, it comes with a high and low power switch to help conserve the live-cells further. Through the high-power settings, users have the chance to boost their transmitting range.

The Uniden pro is equipped with the ability to offer truckers access to all 40 Amp CB channels. Coupled with its extended connection range feature, truck drivers who purchase this item have a long-term friend of value.

The greatest thing about this CB radio is that you don’t necessarily have to purchase additional accessories to boost up its performance. The stock mic works fine and will give you good sound quality.

This is not the device for long distance communication. However, it is one of the best options for close communication and we definitely recommend it.

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5. Cobra HHROADTRIP: Good Portable Spare CB Radio

The Cobra Handheld ROAD TRIP 40-Channel is known by truckers to be more reliable in weather emergencies. The device comes with a Sound Tracker system. This unique lineament helps its users’ curb background noise effect up to 90%. Hence, its operators can have excellent conversations.

Aside from the above attributes, there is another worthy to be mentioned: the Cobra HH Road Trip 40 channels device, comes with an NOAA radio receiver, and Emergency Radio. What this means is that truckers through this communication instrument can gain access to the ten available emergency channels, while staying updated on all that has to do with weather reports.

When it comes to physical components of this device, the Cobra HH Road Trip, holds a live-cell that stays pretty long. To get an extensive communication signal, you will need to purchase an antenna.

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6. Cobra HH 38 WX ST : Rugged Handheld CB Radio with Decent Range

Cobra HH 38 WX ST is another CB handheld radio that truckers love to go for when purchasing their handy companion. This device bost of an operable dual watch and full channel scan. Also, it empowers users with vital updates about the climate condition with 10 weather channels included in its features.

With a comfortably good range of around 4 miles, even truck drivers can use it. The CB has a Sound tracker which gives you a noise-free conversation.

When it comes to physical properties of the CB radio, you can expect to work with its built-in microphone, a wrist strap, and a recovery belt clip. All these ensure it doesn’t fall off, and that you have a smooth transmission of information.

Cobra 38 WX is a hand-friendly device that runs on battery and DC operation. It comes with a high and low power switch to boost network range, and to extend the life of its battery.

You might be taken aback if you see some of the negative reviews of this product online. But let me tell you something; with a good quality CB antenna, you will get a decent performance out of this device.

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7. Midland 75 785: Cheap CB for all Weather Conditions & Vehicles

Midland 75 785 Handheld device is a CB for all weather and conditions. This is the best quality cheapest handheld CB radio you can have for your truck. But you have to be realistic in your expectations. Though its very affordable CB radio, it has its own limitations. Its one of the best you can get for small distances. And if you want to achieve better results, you need to attach an external antenna.

Being a trucker, you can take it with you wherever, whenever. The radio possesses a 7W input and a maximum output of 4W. This ensures that you can extend your coverage beyond the usual reach when looking to remain connected from a farther range.

There is also an improvement in tunning. Thanks to the PPL Channel Selection attached to the side of the Midland handheld device. Truck drivers can utilize the upgrade to get a significantly improved accuracy.

The Midland 78 handheld comes with 40 channels to keep you engaged and informed. Also, there is the ANL and squelch control feature that ensures truckers get the best quality when it comes to reception and noise elimination

If the device battery is down, Midland company has made this radio phone able to operate on nine AA batteries, which means you can rest assured of staying connected during those long journeys that could drain your battery. Additionally, there’s a DC Charger for zero downtime results.

We have to say that you should know what you’re going to get with this CB radio. The price of this good CB is very tempting. But remember its one of the best handheld CB radios for less than 1-mile range transmission. Don’t forget you need to buy an external antenna to get the best out of this device.

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Best Mobile CB Antennas

Your quest for best handheld CB device won’t end up with merely a radio. You need to get a compact and portable CB antenna to achieve your task.

For this reason, we have highlighted some ideal, great mobile antennas manufactured by top brands.

1. Wilson 880-200152B:

This antenna from Wilson comes with 62’ whip. It is a Magnet mount CB antenna made from high-impact thermoplastic. The mobile CB antenna does not require peaking or tuning and gives a great SWR straight out of the box.

This well-received antenna by the customers has 17-7 stainless steel whip. The 5000W antenna provided by Wilson is ideal for big radios as well. It votes for easy installation and setup along with excellent clarity and outmatched peak.

2. Midland 18-2442: Perfectly Portable CB Radio

Midland 18-2442 is a Center Load Magnetic Mount Antenna designed for customers looking for portability. It is crafted with 17-7 stainless steel whip. This helps it withstand harsh environments.

With the addition of a plastic coated magnetic base, the antenna is protected from rust or corrosion. The CB antenna comes pre-wired with the cable and the connector.

The relief spring attached to the whip limits the damage done to it in form of constant beating. The perfectly compatible with all Mobile CB radios manufactured by none other than reputed Midland.

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A stylish mobile CB radio is shown in the pic. This compact CB radio is designed to make the user experience smoother and better.

We have pointed out the handheld CB we feel is the best.  However, the decision is still yours. The chance of you liking all the things we listen rarely. That’s why we are trying to give you an honest buying guide on handheld CB radios.

It is not a hidden secret that there are several things you need to identify in the product you come across before knowing that it will work best for you. But don’t worry!

Here are the key points you should keep an eye on:

  • Consider the portability― along with how handy the handheld looks to you; if you can touch it, how it feels to you. You should go for the radio phone that is less weighty because that means you can walk freely with it in your pocket or hand.
    Normal handheld CB radios weigh less than .5lbs. Keep this in mind!
  • ANL features― Though all the devices we have highlighted in this essay houses Automatic Noise Limiter feature, not all Handheld possesses it.  I think you already know this feature is essential to help you understand the person at the other end of the line.
  • Does it work well with other accessories― This is a question that can be answered through online reviews or by asking around. This point for consideration is important because sometimes you might need an extra antenna to boost the range further; you don’t want to buy and later be disappointed.

Conclusion: Did you get a Quality Portable CB Radio?

The idea of getting new portable CB radio in your mind doesn’t carry a flaw. It is perfect for someone who wishes to go on trips without ruining their prepaid account. The hand-held CB radios provide easy installation and incredible feasibility. Moreover, it’s one hell if an experience talking in a CB radio. And you should experience it!

Although they are not huge in size, the portable CB radios do not compromise on their performance. Whether you are someone from touring organization or an admirer of risky adventures, mobile CB radios work best. Good portable CB radios shoot up the range giving great SWR.

If you have chosen one of those top performing handheld CBs from what we have listed, do let us know about their performance.

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