Top 3 Firestik CB Antenna Reviews : Best Antennas You should Buy

Firestik is a top-notch brand and enjoys great reputation in antenna industry. Search for the best antenna on the internet, biting that crispy flaming hot chips on the bedside table, you’ll find Firestik CB Antennas glimpsing on the list.


Some brands cannot compromise on quality, that being said, some become highly popular because of it.

Keeping the maximum power output limit proposed by FCC in our mind, we have to figure out the way to deploy enhancement to our radio systems. The answer lies in radio accessories; antenna, cables or mount packages. So, where does the wisdom lie then?Here are the reviews of top rated three firestik CB Antenna you can buy

Advantages of Buying a CB Firestik Antenna

Before proceeding to the review section of some of the best Firestik antennas, let us discuss the advantages of buying Firestik CB antennas:

  • Go for Firestik antennas if you wish to see a good range of transmission and reception. Since you get a greater distance as a platform to transmit and receive the communication data, you get the clearer picture. That being said, the sound quality of your CB radio is very likely to be termed as incredible.
  • Firestik antennas are affordable too. It’s not that you will lose your fortune if you opt for Firestik antennas instead of some cheap antenna. Besides, how much would you save if you buy a cheap one that provides you cheap quality reception and a heavy loaded sadness?
  • Firestik antennas are also good in terms of flexibility and are durable too even after getting beaten by bushes and trees a lot.

Best Firestik CB Antenna to buy in 2018

Now we have come the main part.  The best CB Antennas from Firestik you can invest your money on are :

  1. KW7-B
  2. KW7-R
  3. LG3M2-W

Firestik KW7-B

This is a stylish CB Antenna from the famous Firestik brand

Firestik, the most widespread wire-wound antenna for CB has been a recognized performer for many years. That means from the mid of 1970’s where people took pride in bell-bottoms and that slick hairstyle, all set for a dandy look. These ‘KW’ series antennas are compatible enough for using with autos, trucks, vans, motorcycles and ATV’s.

This can be used in a single-antenna configuration which requires a metallic ground plane. For any vehicle that may be manufactured from different kinds of material, this can be used in the dual or simply co-phased configuration. When you’re done mounting it in its perfect place, it may require fine tuning, an essential step for any CB antenna.


When you’re looking for adjusting SWR to the precise degree, you’ll be relieved to know that loading coil on every “KW” antennas is accessible. This CB antenna with rugged solid-fiberglass core has a loading coil that guarantees perfect high-quality performance. It is responsible for enhancing your CB’s transmit/receive functions.

This 5/8 wave, 500 watts, 7’ antenna has the top-notch quality of receiving the NOAA emergency weather alerts. Not just that, it can also receive national weather broadcasts if you’re using it for CB radios that support these.

You can get excellent range even with the hustle and bustle of the city.


It is needed to be cut to tune the antenna. Since it is a very tall antenna, you need to avoid closed places like parking garages.

Bonus Recommendation: However, for ultimate maximum performance, it is recommended to use it with 18’ Fire-Flex coaxial cables.

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Firestik KW7-R:

This Firestik antenna is 3/4 wave and is top loaded. It can handle power up to whopping 900 watts. It is available in the color red. This impressive CB antenna is 7’ tall, 213 cm to be exact.

Talking about the compatibility, this antenna can work with a walkie-talkie of about 10 to 11 meters, requiring a suitable adapter for connection. However, it does not work for VHF or UHF walkie-talkies.

It provides a good range of a good sound quality. You can intercept the loudness of the city with still being able to hear your homies driving behind you.

When it’s about flexibility, this guy is a winner. It can be bent forming C-shape and still wouldn’t break. Highly durable and stand tall even after suffering a lot.


Delivers an impressive performance, maintaining SWR to its perfect value. Compared to 102” whip antennas which are highly reputed in terms of getting good range and lower SWR, this Firestik antenna overtakes the others. It has lower SWR and offers less static as a result of being a coated antenna.


Although it is a tunable antenna, it does not come with a tunable tip. You need to cut the antenna for this purpose.

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Firestik LG3M2-W

Firestik LG3M2-W is one of the best Firestik CB Antennas of the brandThis Firestik product is based on ‘no ground plane’ antenna system which means you can mount it anywhere you like. One of the most bought CB Firestik Antennas online, it is perfect for fiberglass vehicles such as RV’s and Semi Trucks. This top-branded product Includes all necessary components.

This CB Firestik antenna is 3′ tall and has 5/8 wave antenna. It includes 17-foot specialty no-ground coax cable. Also has mic hook. It can have full 40 channel CB radio operations.

The best part about this product is that it has a tunable tip. What does it mean? You don’t need to cut the antenna in order to obtain lower and good SWR.


It is a very ‘easy to install’ antenna. Reception quality is great and you can talk to your friends driving miles away without having to get your cars closer. Excellent SWR readings across all channels. It totally meets the hype that can be created by looking at the brand.

If it is compatible with your mounting location or your vehicle, you will certainly not regret buying this product.


It is designed for mounting on flat vertical surfaces only.

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We’re coming to the end of the list. However, the list is incomplete without mentioning some other top in class CB Antennas from the brand. There are many others who just missed the best Firestik CB Antenna list. The two most bought Firestik antennas for CB Radio are :

  • 4ft Black Firefly
  • FireStik FL3-B Three Foot FireFly

Conclusion: Got the Best CB Firestik Antennas?

If you want to make most of the limited capability of your CB radio, you need to make sure you’re taking care of other factors as well. The other factors may include the type of antenna and coax cable you’re using for your radio. You also need to make sure you have provided proper installation to your CB radio antenna.

Apart from proper installation, good coax cable and perfect mount location, you need to check the quality of your antenna. Make sure you use the antenna that is best compatible with your vehicle and your radio, and that is well-trusted in the market. Firestik surely wins this race and does not let you make poor choices in this domain.

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