7 Best CB Radio Reviews 2018: High Performance & Most Powerful CBs

I hope that many of you might stick to my inference that choosing the best CB radio is not a smooth business.

There are a lot of parameters to look for and you might not even know which parameter is more critical. I know it very well that you’ve wondered trading off the parameters like NOAA Weather Channels, Mods,

Moreover with the availability of thousands of high performance CB radios, narrowing down to one good option and choosing the right CB radio is a daunting task.

But, let me help you!

Best CB radios in the market with high performing features

I have been a regular user of CB radio since last 15 years. It has been indeed a great pleasure doing an extensive research in this field that includes examining more than 13000 reviews of various CB radios, conducting market surveys and interviewing the existing users.

This extensive work has helped me in finding the best and most powerful CB radios in the market for you!

If you’re in a hurry like most of us, then I have your task of reading this boring article cut short. Yeah, below are two of the top rated CB radios as per our survey and expert ratings:


COBRA 29LX: Our Best Pick UNIDEN PRO510XL: Most Affordable
Cobra 29LX stands out as a peak selling product in the CB radio market with its dazzling multi-colored display and greater transmission capacity. In fact, nothing can match cobra in its amazing talk-back facility and aesthetic appeal.

Cobra 29LX 40 channel and Camo CB radio are known for their performance in off shore conditionsThe link below will give you the best price from the official authorized dealer:

Get latest Price of Cobra 29 LX

One of the most powerful CB radio, Uniden PRO510XL proves to be a treasured asset for your regular use with its high performance and ultra-compact appearance. Though it hardly explores the visual possibilities, it is a highly strong device recommended for heavy duty.

Uniden PRO510XL is a stylish compact CB radioIf you want to have a look at the product, below is the link to the official dealer of the product:

Get latest Price of Cobra 29 LX

Now for the serious buyers: we have more to explore on powerful and long range CB radios!

I am going to share my thoughtful insights on buying a CB radio and recommend some of the outstanding CB radio products to you in this article. Let me know what you feel in the comment section after you make the big purchase. This will help me in helping more customers like you in the future.

Before we start, I would like to grab your attention to a common misconception most of the new CB users have.

What are the criteria for buying the perfect CB radio?. What are the features that make a high-performance CB radio?

Let me tell you, IT’S NOT THE RANGE!!

I swear that it is just a myth.

This is because the range of a CB radio is immensely dependent upon the power output of the device. Most CBs deliver the same power output of 4Watts. SSB CB radios offer power out of 12 Watts.

Therefore it is pointless to regard range as the prime factor for your purchase. In this regard, the other features that mold a best-selling CB radio is worth inquiry. However, the make quality might affect the range to an extent. Moreover, it greatly depends on the antenna you’re using. We will come to this more in the sections to come.

Best CB Radio : Comparison Table

ExpertiseCB RadioPrice
Our Top Pick: Best & Feature-rich

Inside is Cobra 29 LX Review. It is one of the best and stylish weather CB Radio in the market.
Cobra 29 LX

  • Professional CB radio
  • Modern aesthetic design
  • Greater transmission capacity
  • Click for latest Price on Amazon
    Best Long Range SSB Radio
    Uniden 980 SSB is a top rated BEARCAT CB Radio is a 7 colored display CB with weather channel capability
    Uniden BEARCAT 980

  • Highly advanced and modern
  • High Performance CB
  • High-tech interface
  • Click for Latest Price in Amazon
    Best Flashy CB
    Uniden BEARCAT 880 is a visually pleasing stylish CB Radio
    Uniden BEARCAT 880

  • Super Modern CB Radio
  • Nicely designed user interface
  • Click for Latest Price in Amazon
    Best Long Range Mobile CB
    Review of CB Radio Galaxy DX959 from 'CB Radio Guru'
    Galaxy DX959

  • Highly advanced features
  • Good voice clarity
  • Best for customization
  • Click for Latest Price in Amazon
    Best Portable CB
    Review of Midland 75 822
    Midland 75-822

  • Advanced Portable CB
  • Compact and stylish
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Click for Latest Price in Amazon
    Best Dual watch CB Radio
    Cobra 18 wx st ii Review from CB Radio Guru.
    Cobra 18 WXSSTII

  • Simple and Compact
  • Dual watch function
  • Click for Latest Price in Amazon
    Best Entry Level CB
    Uniden PRO 510XL is one of the best rated heavy duty cb radio.
    Uniden PRO510XL

  • Durable and Compact
  • Most affordable
  • Click for Latest Price in Amazon

    What is a CB Radio?

    Most of you already know what a CB Radio is. But the youngsters out there might not know much about this awesome two-way radio system.

    But don’t worry!

    I will explain it to you.

    A CB radio is a two-way radio like HAM (Amateur CB radio). CB stands for Citizen Band. The explanations behind the name are explained in our article: What does CB Stand for in CB Radio

    CB radios came into the limelight in the later part of the 1940s.

    The popularity of the CB radio is due to the following factors:

    • It doesn’t need licensing
    • They are low cost
    • Easy to set up and communicate

    CB radio works on selection of 40 channels. Some of these channels are dedicated to weather/emergency updates.

    Benefits of Investing in an High Performance CB Radio

    Citizens Band Radio is indeed a remarkable equipment that marked an era’s craze for short distance two-way radio communication. Even though the cell phone wave has taken over the initial buzz of CB radios, they still seem to be a valid choice for many.

    These devices are the handiest tool that could be handled by all types of users including truck drivers, farmers, motorists and other individuals for instant services such as passing information, business messages, giving directions, reporting road accidents and chatting.

    I agree with the fact that the popularity of CB radios has come down markedly with the arrival of cell phones and they have lost much of their charm in the 70s. However, their significance continues and they still attract the customers as they constitute a cradle of multifarious features and attributes.

    An overview of the advantages of CB radios may help to wipe off the shopping concerns of the customers.

    • Budget-friendly: The first and foremost advantage of a CB radio over a cell phone is in terms of the cost. It seems to be an easy option on the pocketbook as it is a basic setup. Moreover, it does not charge for further communication, unlike a cell phone which makes you spend a few bucks on texting and making calls.
    • Best choice for Minimal Communication: If you wish to keep your communication minimal, then CB radios prove to be a sensible investment. You can get rid of the extremely sophisticated attributes and just convey the message to the destination with so much ease and comfort.
    • Pick up the Directions in No Time: CB radios prove to be an extremely sensible choice for the drivers as they are capable of delivering accurate directions. If you have lost the direction and stuck on a particular stretch of road, you can contact other drivers in the locality and pick up the right track easily.
    • Update on Road Conditions: CB radios can always update you regarding the traffic conditions on the road especially highways. It helps to report accidents, traffic jams, and climatic conditions and warn the drivers on the far side in advance.

    CB Radio is an essential companion for trucking

    • Explore your Weather Conditions: CB radios allow the users to explore the weather conditions on a frequent basis. They are equipped with an advanced weather scan technology so that the drivers can make a note of the heavy rain or fog in advance.
    • An Emergency Companion: A CB radio is a friend in need for many users especially truck and cab drivers. At times of emergency, channel 9 is always available for help. It not only offers help in case of threatening hazards on the way but also offers travel assistance in any manner.
    • License Free Service: A CB radio does not require a license unlike other radio services such as GMRS and Ham radio. It is to be noted that although it is license free, the user has to abide by the rules and regulations of FCC.
    • Ensures a Safer Environment: The frequent updates on the CB radio keep the driver alert while driving and make the situation free of dangers. It reduces the risk of drowsy driving especially during late night and long distance treks.


    Best rated cb radio reviews for an outstandnig CB experience.

    As I said in the initial part when the CB radio world is crowded with an array of styles and models, picking the best CB radio can be a chore.

    It is always hard to be thoroughly updated on all the new arrivals on the CB radio market. You need to have at least some experience using CBs or somebody to guide you to pick a good CB radio.

    Moreover, detailed scrutiny of the market surveys, product reviews and lengthy discussions with the professional truck and cab drivers will fetch you a thoroughly outstanding and high performance CB radios. Yeah, it’s hard to do though.

    Don’t worry! You need not waste your valuable time and energy on the daunting selection process. I have the job done for you! Do you know how did we select those top performing CB radios?

    Do you know how did we select those top performing CB radios?

    Let me explain!

    The first step in selecting the top rated CB radios was filtering the features that produce most powerful CB radios.

    I have filtered out these vital factors which smoothen the CB radio communication and that include the following:

    • Size and weight
    • Voice clarity
    • Weather Scanning

    • Nature of the Antenna
    • Public Address Capability
    • Backlit Display

    • Ease of Installation
    • Automatic Noise Limiter (ANL)
    • RF Gain Control

    Is that all?

    No, not at all! They are just the features of CB radios. We have also analyzed other factors like performance, value for the money and interface. Have a look at our CB Radio rating parameters:

    Top CB Radio comparison

    Based on these key factors, our team has reviewed numerous CB radios. The following seven CB radios are our final picks.

    You can grab one of them with full confidence. We have spent not hours, fifty plus days in shortlisting these top-performing CB Radios

    1. Uniden PRO510XL – Leading Heavy Duty Radio and Affordable

      Key Features:

      • 4 Watt power output
      • RF Gain
      • A Euro-style Two Way Radio
      • Automatic noise limiter
      • LED indicators
      • Squelch Control
      A highly versatile and compact heavy duty radio that is designed to perform in most extreme environments. But you will love (like thousands of happy customers) about this fabulous CB radio is its affordable budget!

      Uniden PRO510XL is a stylish compact CB radio


      If you are tired of browsing through affordable CB radios available on the market at present with the advanced CB features, then I guarantee you that Uniden is an excellent brand worth considering.

      This is an ultra-compact CB radio that offers impressive mobility and works absolutely well in rough conditions. For the convenience, the microphone is front-positioned with an extra-long coiled cord.

      The device has a striking RF Gain that offers striking voice clarity in a noisy environment. With its limited number of knobs and dials, it offers smooth operation.

      Moreover, the high quality CB radio offers a good range when tuned properly. The transmissions are crisp and clear and the package includes a microphone, mounting bracket, and mounting hardware.

      It lacks some of the key features like Instant Channel 9/19, Weather channels, Public Addressing etc. But this one is not meant for hardcore CB enthusiasts. This an affordable CB radio that is intended at occasional users. This is one of the best entry level CB radios you can have.

      In short, it is a wonderful product worth investing.

      Pros and Cons

      What We Liked
      • Ultra compact CB radio
      • Best choice for rough conditions
      • Excellent transmission of signals
      • Assured voice clarity
      • Accurate frequency control
      • Limited number of knobs and dials
      What We Didn't Like
      • Can function in full-fledged only with an external antenna
      • Not recommended for flashy radio lovers

      CB Radio Guru's rating of Uniden PRO510XL- one of the cheapest CB Radio in the market

      Embedded with advanced features, compact size, and rugged reliability, Uniden pro510xl is an absolutely trustworthy choice for tough users. The value and performance you get with an affordable price tag are very impressive!

      Click here for Best and Latest Price in Amazon

    2. Midland 75-822 – Best Mobility Assured

      Key Features:

      • Power output: 4 watt
      • Frequency band: 26.965 to 27.405 MHz
      • Instant channel facility
      • Six AA batteries with cigarette lighter adapter
      • Dual watch monitors
      • Squelch ControlMidland 75 822 cb radio is a weather channel CB radio best used by customers with multiple vehicle
        This portable radio with weather channels is very stylish. If you’re a person who wishes to use the same CB radio for multiple vehicles, then Midland 75-822 is for you!

        Click here for Latest Price in Amazon


        Midland 75-822 ultra-portable model is one of the most advanced portable CB radios available on the market at present. Compact and stylish, this one will really steal you heart.

        The dual watch feature facilitates the user to use two preferred channels simultaneously. The enhanced weather radio delivers the weather reports on a frequent basis. It doesn’t lack the normal features that come with all the top rated CBs nowadays.

        I have noted that its construction is so unique that you can perfectly slip it into the car docking base. Moreover, the backlit function facilitates the user to operate the device at any time- day or night.

        The alluring package also includes AC wall adapter, rechargeable and alkaline battery compartment, mobile adapter and antenna.

        In fact, this is an excellent product that shows an upward market trend at present. We will never recommend this for regular CB users. But if you’re an occassional user, this is the best one you can get!

        Pros and Cons

        What We Liked
        • Ultra-compact
        • Lightweight
        • Portable
        • Dual watch monitor
        • Enhanced weather scan facility
        • Instant channels, simple and user-friendly
        What We Didn't Like
        • Mostly preferred for occasional use
        Rating of Midland 75-822 CB Radio

        Being, extremely compact and lightweight, Midland 75-822 is a blessing in disguise for all the travel enthusiasts especially motorcyclists to chase their dreams. We would say this is one among those highly rated CB radios for motorcyclists!
        Click here for Latest Price in Amazon

    3. Uniden BEARCAT 880 – Best Flashy Radio

      Key Features:

      • Instant Channel access
      • NOAA Weather channels
      • 7 color Backlighting
      • Noise Cancelling Mic
      • RF Gain
      • ANL
      • Digital SRF
      • Talkback Feature
      • Dimmer Facility
      • Mic gain 4 Position Control
      A highly sturdy, flashy CB radio with 7 color backlit display and noise-canceling microphone. Yes, this is one of the best CB radios to buy in 2018. This modern CB radio is one of the best long range radio you can have in your possession!

      Uniden BEARCAT 880 is a visually pleasing stylish CB Radio Click here for Latest Price in Amazon


      Uniden BEARCAT 880 offers a unique visual experience to the customers with its brilliant seven color backlighting and large easy-to-read display. I had been a regular user of this device as it assured clear reception and transmission of signals.

      I found it very convenient during the late night trips as the dimmer allows the user to adjust the brightness during day and night.

      If you’re like me who hates wired connections, then this radio is worth trying. Uniden 880 is compatible with Uniden’s CB microphone which works on wireless. Most of the truck drivers know how clumsy it is to have lots of wiring in their truck. But with this CB, there won’t be much chaos.

      You will easily get the range up to 10 miles with this killer CB radio. The weather option is outstnaind and is very easy to use too.

      You will have to replace the stock mic with an external mic for most of the CBs. But not for this one. The noise canceling mic clears off the noise obstructions in the surroundings and offers a clear voice service. Extra-long mic cord becomes handy for professional truck drivers.

      The amazing display and sound quality make the product worth flaunting.

      Pros and Cons

      What We Liked
      • Large display
      • Seven color backlighting
      • Laser etched easy-to-read choice
      • Instant weather update
      • Enhanced weather scan facility
      What We Didn't Like
      • Not recommended for users who dislike super bright flashy display
      Uniden BEARCAT 880 is a high performance CB radio from the reputed brand Uniden

      The three prime features- noise canceling microphone, full spectrum display, and dynamic squelch control make Uniden Bearcat 880 a treasured possession. We are cent percent sure that you will love using this flash Bearcat CB radio.

      Click here for the Best and Latest Price in Amazon

    4. Cobra 18 WXSTII – Best Dual Watch Radio

      Key Specifications:

      • Extra-long Mic
      • 10 NOAA Weather Channels
      • Instant Channel
      • Dual Watch
      • LED Indicator
      • PA Switch
      • Instant 9./19 channels
      • Last Channel Retention
      This stylish and compact CB radio is known for its in-dash installation. The sleek CB radio is ideally designed for RVs and motorhomes. If you’re one of them, grab it. You’ll enjoy using the full-featured CB Radio.

      Cobra 18 wx st ii Review from CB Radio Guru.

      Click here for Latest Price in Amazon


      If you go through the market surveys, you can infer that Cobra 18WXSTII is one of the fast selling CB radio on the market that offers all the 40 CB channels. Althought it is not that fancy, this one is a great choice for those who are looking for compact and simple CB radio.

      The in-built weather scan technology facilitates the user to be aware of the imminent dangers on the way. The dual watch facility allows the user to watch two preferred channels simultaneously. It also facilitates last channel retention for your convenience.

      The user-friendly CB Radio offers a large and easy-to-read display for the users. Moreover, the PA switching sounds to be beneficial for professional truck drivers to make a public address in an emergency. It has a long microphone cord of approximately 9 foot.

      Another striking feature about this Cobra CB radio is it will easily mount in in-dash installations! We have seen that this one works great with Jeeps.

      In short, this product offers all the basic requirements of the users in a tremendous way.

      Pros and Cons

      What We Liked
      • Excellent display
      • Dual watch facility
      • Easy-to-read facility
      • Retains the last channel
      • Dynamic microphone
      • Immediate emergency service
      • Compact design>
      What We Didn't Like
      • In-line fuse requires proper maintenance
      Rating of Cobra 18WXSTII

      The convenient front speaker, easy mounting, and loud weather band- all these features will surely urge you forward to get Cobra 18 WXSSTII built in your RV/motorhome. Check out the budget and you’ll be amazed.

      Click here for Latest Price in Amazon


    5. Uniden BEARCAT 980 – Best Single Side Band (SSB) Radio

      Key Specifications:

      • Seven color selectable display
      • SSB Capability
      • PA Feature
      • RF Gain
      • Noise Blanker
      • 40 Channels
      • Squelch Control
      • Backlit Keys
      A contemporary, flashy CB radio with an attractive SSB feature and full spectrum selectable display. This weather channel CB radio is highly recommended for truck drivers who have to drive through bad weather conditions!

      Uniden 980 SSB is a top rated BEARCAT CB Radio is a 7 colored display CB with weather channel capability

      Click here for Latest Price in Amazon


      I went for Uniden BEARCAT 980 as it is a popular name on the list of highly advanced CB radios available on the market.

      The brilliant backlit keys and illuminating and colorful display offer high visibility and visual appeal.

      The most ravishing feature of the item is the unique Single Side Band and weather capability which offers high performance even at long distances. This is the top rated SSB CB radio you can ever get.

      The advanced weather scan technology warns the drivers of the impending weather conditions on the way. The weather push button gives you an update of the weather condition in your area. It is an impressive feature for truck drivers.

      The CB radio offers an advanced feature set for an impressively low price. If you check out the catalog of the CB radio, there won’t be any CB features missing that list.

      Another great feature to mention is its compatibility with wireless mics. This will help you using the CB radio even without using your hands; may be the best thing Uniden did for truck drivers.

      In short, this is one of the most powerful CB radio in the market and it fulfills the utilitarian ends of the users to the maximum extent.

      Pros and Cons

      What We Liked
      • Large display
      • SSB driven high performance
      • Extra-long mic cord
      • Easy adjustment
      • Advanced weather band alert
      • High signal transmission even at long distance
      • Adjustable backlit display
      • High visibility
      What We Didn't Like
      • Rough use may loosen the knobs


      Uniden BEARCAT 980 is a long range CB radio. Thanks to the SSB facility it has. The weather channel capability makes it one of the best for truck drivers

      The highly advanced SSB feature of Uniden Bearcat 980 combined with seven color selectable display and rugged pattern offers you the latest CB adventure. The Weather channels and Public Addressing features take this SSB CB to a whole new level, making it one of the best long range SSB CB Radio in the market today


    6. Cobra 29LX – Best High Range Multicolour CB Radio

      Key Features:

      • Instant Channels
      • Antenna Warning Indicator
      • Talkback Feature
      • Delta Tune
      • 4 Watts AF RF Power Output
      • 10 NOAA Weather Channels
      • RF Gain
      • Enhanced Multicolour Display
      • PA Speaker


      A full-featured four-color LCD professional CB radio with all the advanced functionalities. This modern CB radio is the best CB radio you can get. This is highly recommended for professionals looking for all those impressive features.

      Inside is Cobra 29 LX Review. It is one of the best and stylish weather CB Radio in the market.

      Click here for Latest Price in Amazon


      I vouch for this matchless device with marvelous design and a remarkable multicolor display system.

      One of the alluring features of the product is its selectable four color (red, blue, green and amber) display system. In my opinion, this is the most feature-rich CB radio on the planet.

      The dimmer helps to adjust the brightness during the dark especially when you are on a night drive.

      It is amazing that it automatically locks into 10 NOAA Weather Channels to provide an emergency weather alert and warn the driver at times of severe climatic conditions efficiently. The additional clock/alarm facility comes extremely handy for professional drivers.

      The CB radio is destined to give you the best performance. In fact, that’s the main reason apart from a stylish interface forced us to make it as our best pick. In short, Cobra 29 LX is a quality assured weather channel CB radio for your truck or car.


      Pros and Cons

      What We Liked
      • High-quality performance
      • Excellent multi-colored display
      • Enhanced voice quality
      • Good incoming signal clarity
      • Easy installation
      What We Didn't Like
      • Oversize can cause inconvenience for radio placement in small space
      Looking for the review and rating of Cobra 29 LX CB Radio? Here's our expert rating of the product

      In regard to its multicolor display, large size and advanced features, Cobra 29LX is exclusively designed for heavy duty vehicles to make their outdoor adventure colorful.


    7. Galaxy DX959- Long Range SSB with High Quality Features

      Key Features:

      • SSB Capability
      • Backlit Display
      • 10 NOAA Weather Channels
      • PA
      • ANL
      • 5 Digit Display
      • Talkback
      • RF Gain
      • Instant Channel Access
      • Delta Tune
      Galaxy DX959 is undoubtedly the best from Galaxy brand. It is a full-sized radio, overloaded with highly advanced features including SSB capability, 5 digit display and PA. The CB radio comes with 2 years warranty, making it one of the most sold CB Radio in the market!

      Review of CB Radio Galaxy DX959 from 'CB Radio Guru'

      Click here for Latest Price in Amazon


      Galaxy DX 959 is indeed a treat for the customers as it is loaded with highly advanced features.

      The first and foremost highlight of the product is its unique SSB feature that gets you long range and high performance. Moreover, with the full spectrum, you can modify the color setting of the device so easily.

      It is a widely acknowledged fact that Galaxy is a dignified brand that puts forth quality products for the customers. This Galaxy 959 is one of the top rated long range CB radio which is known for a great signal reception. You can easily talk up to 15 miles with some customization.

      If you’re a truck driver, you will love using it. Thanks to the best voice clarity and the stylish but easy interface. The stock mic that comes along with the CB does a good job.

      From my deep association with the device for years, I can assert that this CB radio has done full justice to its brand name. We recommend it for truck drivers and cars. Yeah, 959 has been one of the top-selling CB radios from Galaxy for the last 16 years.

      Pros and Cons

      What We Liked
      • Flashy
      • High visual appeal
      • Long range SSB performance
      • Good signal reception
      • Outstanding Voice clarity
      • Easy-to-read display
      What We Didn't Like
      • Not suitable for the highly rough terrain.
      Review of 959 DX Galaxy SSB CB Radio with ratings from CB Radio Guru

      With long-range SSB being the best part, along with all other sophisticated features, Galaxy DX959 proves to be a luxurious traveling companion. What you will love most about this long range CB radio is its impressive performance and features.

      Click here for the Best and Latest Price in Amazon

    That’s it!

    The above best rated seven CB radios have been gaining firm grounding on the market over the past few decades. They guarantee high performance in an efficient way and live up to the expectations of the customers.

    There are few CB radios which have narrowly missed our list of the top rated CB Radios in the market. You can check them out below!

    • Cobra 29 LTD
    • Midland 75-785


    I have observed that since a CB radio carries plenty of technical attributes which are not familiar to the common people, the new users usually find the buying session quite perplexing. Before making up your mind, you should have a thorough idea regarding the purpose and budget of the device.

    Revealed! Best Suitable CB Radios for Different Vehicles

    CB Radio communication

    This boring (or not so boring) article on giving you a nice CB radio is reaching its end.

    I want to make it clear that understanding your purpose thoroughly before purchasing a CB radio is very important. You have to keep in mind that each CB radio is crafted in line with a specific purpose. Not all CB radios are everyone’s cup of tea.

    Some of my insights may help you to explore the right CB radio for your purpose.

    • It’s not a rocket science that the large-sized CB radios consume a great deal of space. Heavy vehicles like trucks will have the best usage of these types of radios.
    • On the other hand, compact CB radios are advisable for light motor vehicles including Jeeps.
    • If you look for greater mobility, then go for an all- in- one ultra-compact CB for a handy operation. In fact, the user can simply control it with one hand.
    • A base station CB radio is always advisable for operating the device from a home station. It is commonly used for industrial purposes.
    • If you prefer to use the CB radio as a walkie-talkie, it is better to opt for a handheld CB radio with rechargeable batteries. It is often recommended for motorcyclists.

    What’s the right CB Radio for your Vehicle?

    Vehicle Type Affordable CB Radio Recommended Products
    Jeeps Small sized CB radio Cobra 75, Undien PRO510
    Trucks and Pickups Large sized/ Small sized CB radio Cobra 29 LX, Cobra 29 LTD
    Motorcyle Handheld CB radio Cobra 18 WXSSTII
    Cars/SUV Large sized/ small sized CB Radio Midland 75-822
    Industry/Home Base station / Handheld/Mobile CB Radio Midland GXT 1000VP4, Uniden Pro510


    Here are some of the important considerations you should look for before delving into the selection process.

    • If You Don’t get the Dimensions Right, Your CB will Suck

    While choosing the CB radio, make sure that it rightly slips into your vehicle. If you do not have enough space to mount the CB radio in your vehicle, go for a compact sized one with no tint of a doubt. Making a note of the size is an important consideration before dashing into the shop.

    I have noticed it many times that customers making complaints about the CB they buy. Hence, it is highly recommended to have a fair idea of the space you’ve in your vehicle/home for CB radio installation before purchasing one. This will save a lot of time and will be more than helpful to you.

    • Higher the Power, Higher the Range

    Most CB radios transmit a standard power output of 4 watts. However, a few of them that offer SSB (Single Side Band) capability transmit a power output of 12 Watts. The standard power output can be increased with the help of specific antennas.

    But remember, you can always modify your CB radios. There is a technique(most of the experts out there knows it) to tweak the output to get the better outcomes.

    • Remember; Geography Plays a Crucial Role, Don’t Neglect it

    The transmission of signals by a CB radio is a lot dependent on the typographical factors of the region. The signal range is high in the areas which have fewer obstructions. The range is likely to fall in a countryside with dense forest or a city with more packed streets.

    • Don’t Compromise on the Material Quality

    If you are going to be a regular user of CB radio, always look for a brand that offers high quality. Chrome-based CB radios are the best in terms of durability and strength. However, if you are opting for a plastic based brand, then go for a durable plastic.

    • Speed up Your Device with a Good Antenna

    Antenna plays a vital role in boosting the performance of the CB radio. Longer the antenna, greater the range. If you are a regular long distance driver, then Dual Centre Load antennas offer the best possible range.

    Fiberglass antennas are known for durability and I recommend you to use them if you’re serious about using CB radios.

    • Larger the Display, Easier the Reading

    If easy reading is one of your priorities on the list, then opt for a CB radio that offers large display. Considering the fact that many drivers find the small display annoying while driving, a larger display is always recommended for the users.

    • Cheer up Your Trips with Multicolored Display

    Some of the CB radios offer a multi-color bright display for the users who wish to add vigor and enthusiasm to their late night trips. The illuminating colors create a rejuvenating ambiance in the surrounding. The brightness can be adjusted during the daytime. You can easily switch to your preferred color of light that matches with the accessories in the surrounding.

    What is the bottom line here?

    Before pressing the button for your purchase, prioritize your requirements on the basis of power output, terrain, material quality, antenna, size, nature of the display and your aesthetic ends.


    • Handheld CB Radio

    Handheld CB radio offers greater mobility and it is used mostly by individual users who prefer to walk on foot. However, it can also be used in vehicles though it creates a messy atmosphere with the connection wires.

    • Base Station CB Radio

    Base station CB radios are usually operated inside home or industries. They have an inbuilt power supply that is usually attached to a cabinet. They are mostly designed to be used in a stationary environment.

    • Mobile CB Radio

    Mobile CB radios are used in most of the vehicles including cars, jeeps, and trucks. Though it carries a traditional appearance, it works efficiently under all circumstances.

    • All-in-One CB Radio

    All-in-one CB radios have an advanced feature set incorporated into a single unit. They are in great demand today as all the components are packed in one go.

    Based on the type of Antenna

    The performance of the CB Radios is a lot depends on the type of antenna used in the system. Have a glance through some of the different types of antennas associated with CB radio.

    1. Magnetic Antenna
      This type of antenna offers a pretty good range of approximately 4 to 7 miles (depending upon the length) and is often mounted on the center of the roof.
    2. Fiberglass Antenna
      Fiberglass antennas are of two types: Single and Dual. Depending upon the length, single fiberglass antennas offer an approximate range of 3 to 7 miles whereas dual fiberglass antennas offer a greater range of 4 to 9 miles.
    3. Dual Centre-load Antenna
      It is the most expensive type of antenna that offers an outstanding range of 10 to 12 miles. This type of antenna is advisable for users who require an extensive coverage in terms of range.Types of CB Radios

    Based on Power: AM and SSB CB Radios

    Based on power outputs, there are two types of CB radios. The former transmits a power output of 4 Watt whereas the latter works with an SSB (Single Side Band) and transmits a power output of 12 Watt.

    Most of the normal CB radios are AM Type. But if you want to have better range, it is good to go with the SSB ones.

    The Parameters that Make the Most Powerful CB Radio

    Being more sophisticated than a walkie-talkie, CB radio offers a better multifarious platform. However, most of the customers have little awareness of the technical features of the device. The following table gives an overview of the popular features of a CB radio.

    Features Description
    SSB (Single Side Band) A mode capability that offers increased range and low noise interference. By switching to SSB mode, you get an increased transmission range of 12 watts instead of 4 watts. Moreover, it uses the bandwidth more efficiently than the regular AM mode.
    ANL (Automatic Noise Limited) It offers a clear and loud voice service by filtering out noise interference and obstruction such as engine and traffic noise.
    Instant Channels (9 & 19) It helps to switch to widely used channels- Channel 9

    (Emergency) and Channel 19 (Highway).

    Weather Capabilities Alerts the driver by reporting frequent weather updates. Some of them are installed with enhanced weather scan technology to inform the drivers in advance.
    Backlit Display It facilitates the user to operate the device even in the dark and keeps the user alert all the day round.
    Squelch Control This function allows the suppression of channel noises when the radio does not receive the transmission. Hence by turning on the squelch, the user can get rid of the annoying noises in the background.
    PA Capabilities With a PA speaker, the CB radio can be used as a public address system.
    RF Gain It does the similar function of a squelch. It reduces the noise interference from the surroundings and facilitates a clear and loud radio service.
    Talk-back Feature Some of the CB radios are equipped with talk-back feature facilitates to hear yourself through the speaker of a CB radio.



    The accessories you required for an outstanding cb radio experience


    Accessory Description
    Get a quality CB Radio Microphone If your existing CB radio runs on a cheap microphone, it is likely to instigate noise interference. Hence, if you are a regular CB radio user, buying an external microphone with good quality may help to transmit your voice clearly and loudly.
    Get a high range CB Radio Antenna Sometimes the existing antenna may not offer an impressive range especially when it is short and made of rubber. In such cases, an external antenna with good quality offers greater transmitting power. Here is our list of best CB antennas of 2018
    A nice CB Radio Adapter With a cigarette power adapter you can charge the CB radio from the cigarette port of your vehicle so easily. It also helps to connect the CB radio to a mobile antenna for greater range and performance.
    Get a Good CB Amplifier Most of the cases, the CB radio won’t have enough strength to hear what other persons say. So it is always a good idea to get a nice Amplifier to amplify the voice signals to hear better.
    External CB Speaker Another great accessory to buy for your CB radio is a CB external speaker. Most of the CB radios come with a not-so-great speaker. But the external speakers will give you good sound output, making it very easy to listen to your peers and all the channels.


    For Serious CB Radio Users:

    If you’re a serious user, then we will also suggest you get a good Police Scanner to know what’s going on around your area. With CB radio, you will be able to talk with your peers. With a scanner, you can easily listen to Police/Fire and other two way radio communications. If so, you can read our best Police scanner reviews too.

    So, What are the Best CB Radios in the Market!

    Before we finish this one off, let me give you a comparison table of our top picks in CB radios:

    RankingCB RadioTypeInstant Channel 9/19PA FunctionRating
    1Cobra 29 LX :Our Top Pick : Best & Feature-richAMYesYes9.9
    2Uniden BEARCAT 980 :Best Long Range SSBAM/SSB HandheldYesYes9.8
    3Uniden BEARCAT 880 :Best Flashy CBAM/SSB HandheldYesYes9.7
    4Galaxy DX959 :Best Long Range Mobile CBAM/SSB MobileYesYes9.6
    5Midland 75-822 : Best Portable CBPortable AMYesNo9.5
    6Cobra 18 WXSSTII :Best Dual watch CB RadioMobile AMYesYes9.5
    7Uniden PRO510XL : Best Entry Level CBMobile AMNONO9.4

    After delving into the top seven most powerful CB radios and their astonishing feature sets, I hope you might have got away with your dilemma and arrived at the one that works best in accordance with your terms and conditions. I really hope the CB Radio reviews has helped you in choosing a good companion for your fun activities or rides.

    After several years of acquaintance with CB radios, if you ask for my favorite picks, I always suggest Midland GXT1000VP4, Cobra 29LX, and Uniden PRO510XL.

    Am I showing some partiality here?

    Not at all! This is my experience that speaks.

    These CB Radios mentioned above not only live up to the utilitarian ends of the customers but also create a brilliant aesthetic ambiance through their multicolored bright light and sound effect. With their advanced features, they meet the most pressing demands of the customers in a remarkable manner. Being compact and handy, these modern CB radios offer greater mobility in comparison to the conventional models.

    In toto, CB radios prove to be a wise investment worth flaunting for being a 24 hours-companion in a dynamic way and investing in a good CB radio is not at all a bad option. We hope that we have succeeded in helping you to find the best CB radio to buy.