Best CB Mic Reviews: Top 6 CB Microphones to buy in 2018

You will never disagree with me when I say CB microphone is a necessary component of CB radios. Whats the fun in having these top quality CB radios when you don’t have the best cb mic for communication. Yes, CB mics microphones hold a critical role in ensuring proper communication between CB devices. They make sure that you are loud and clear to your peers.

We all know what a CB is. They are small transducers that convert your sound signals to electrical signals. They should be chosen carefully to ensure you have a clear and easy communication. That way, you wouldn’t be effortlessly repeating yourself during communication.

Most of the stock mics coming along with your CB radio may not do the job. This is where the importance of replacement CB mics come into play.

A good CB mic will give you the best user experience. The requirements of good CB mics are: less interference, clear dialogue transmission, high sensitivity and power, among other factors.

Here are the reviews of best cb mics out there. Are you worried of buying a cb power mic or normal noise cancelling mic? This article is going to help youWith your user experience at the back of our mind, we have compiled this list of the best CB microphones on the market.

Our list, be assured, will limit your choice to the best you can get. You are on the right page and the right time, before choosing the microphone. So read carefully, examine the specification that suits you and makes the final choice.

Before we go further, here is a quick overview of our top picks:

ImageCB MicPrice
Our Top Pick: Amazing Quality
Uniden BC645

  • Very easy to operate
  • 4-pin mic
  • One click operation
  • Click here for Latest Price
    Best Noise Cancelling CB Mic
    Astatic 636

  • Rugged design
  • Dynamic noise cancelling
  • Click here for Latest Price
    Best Replacement CB Mic
    Workman DM507-4

  • Great user experience
  • Loud and clear output
  • Very inexpensive
  • Click here for Latest Price
    Top Power mic for CB
    Cobra HG M73 70

  • PTT Talk button
  • Stylish design
  • Great sound output
  • Click here for Latest Price
    Powerful and Loud
    Astatic (302 – 10036) RD104E
  • Great Noise Reduction
  • Great talk power
  • Click here for Latest Price
    Versatile and top user experience
    RoadKing RK56B

  • Dynamic noise cancellation
  • Handheld mic
  • Click here for Latest Price

    Why do You need a Quality CB Mic?

    It is not a rocket science that there exist background noises which are destined to annoy and frustrate you. How about the background noises while you’re driving your truck or SUV on an off-road?

    Yes, the noise will be on the very high level and your communication will be affected by it. That is why acquiring a good microphone will not only place a smile on your face, it will enchant you.

    If you are still wondering why you need one, a good one; imagine a security official trying hard to communicate with a bad CB microphone or without one. You have a picture of a man who will not execute his job effectively.

    Let us see the key reasons one should buy a CB mic :

    1.     One of the best Communication aid for your CB Radio

    CB microphones are communication aid. You can use a CB mic to communicate to your friends. It’s more like your mobile phone, speak into it and your speech will be transmitted to the other end.

    Keeping in touch with your friends on CB radio is even cheaper than your mobile phone. A lot of money would be saved in terms of cost and still achieve your communication. You are not limited to conversation alone; you can communicate on social media too.

    2.    Safety and Convenience

    When there is a need for help and your mobile phone has let you down with no network signal. You can rely on your CB radio, pick the microphone and let other users get you out of your situation.

    You actually need a good CB Mic for your convenience. It will help you communicate, that’s good, and more than that it should be used conveniently. For example, a wireless CB microphone is easier and more convenient to use than one connected with a wire.

    3. Stock Mic is not the Greatest Choice

    Most often the stock mic that comes with your CB radio may not be the ideal choice. They are ought to be just a mic, not the best one. It is always a good idea to get the best in class replacement microphone to have a better experience in using CB radios and CB antennas.

    Best CB Mic 2018 – Expert List

    By now you should be longing to buy the best of the best CB microphone to enhance your CB experience. In an effort to ensure you don’t waste your money and regret the choice you made, we have compiled the list of the best CB mics on the market. Understand the specification of each CB microphone that satisfies your choice and you will be armed when you are going on to the market to make a choice.

    Let us start the reviews :

    1.      Uniden BC645

    Uniden BC645 is one of the best CB replacement mic you can get.The Uniden BC645 is 4-Pin Microphone. It is compatible with PRO500 series CB radios. You will love the operating part of the CB mic. It is very easy to operate. With its push-to-talk control, you have a microphone that works with little effort. In cases of emergency, your device begins work with one click.

    This microphone is 8-Foot flexible cord in dimension.

    The manufacturer, Uniden, has ensured the products come as blessings to CB radio owners. Already owners testify to its efficient performance and if you are a new owner waiting for a choice, this is right for you.

    Click here for Latest Price of BCD645 from Amazon

    2.      Astatic 636 Noise Cancelling mic CB Radio 4 pin Cobra – Astatic 636LB1

    Astatic 636L is the best CB microphone of the brand when it comes to noise cancelingThe Astatic 636 Noise Cancelling mic is a Rugged Housing Design. It comes in black cycolac case.

    With this product, you do not have to worry about background noise. The Product is a Dynamic Noise Canceling Microphone. You communication is clearer with the products ability to remove background noise.

    Buy one, use it, and you will have reasons to say ‘Amazing noise reduction!’

    The Astatic 636 Noise Cancelling mic CB Radio has a Frequency Response between the range100Hz – 8 kHz. Also, it has an Output Level at Output Impedance: 2000 Ohms (Matches 600-5000 Ohm Inputs).

    The manufacturer designed it for the expected purpose. As a Close Talking Handheld Applications, your microphone has been to be comfortable in your hand.

    What type of CB radio do you have? Name it. Astatic 636 will work with them.

    Click here for Latest Price of Astatic 636 from Amazon

    3.    MIC/Microphone for 4 pin Cobra/ Uniden CB Radio – Workman DM507-4

    Workman DM507-4 is a great CB Microphone

    Workman DM507-4 is one of the best replacement CB radio microphones you will ever get at an affordable price tag. What you will love about this microphone is that they have taken care of user experience. The high end fits and finishes quality that comes up with this compact Mic is fabulous.

    This product works fine with any CB radio. It is designed to suit for Cobra, Uniden, Galaxy, and Connex. Buying one for your CB radio is simply securing a perfect match.  It has 4-PIN Connector and an 8-foot flexible cord.

    Before purchasing this decent product, you should ask what’s the purpose of buying this one. If your CB radio has a mic gain control (which is present in most of the top rated CBs), then you can buy this one without any doubts.

    Coming to the quality of the output, it produces loud and clear sound output. I would say it is not the loudest of all, but it will do the job. You will be heard clearly and is excellent for both skip talking and Public addressing.

    It has a dimension of 11.5 inches x 24 inches x 18 inches and weighs only 4.8 ounces.

    If you are looking for an inexpensive solution for CB mic, then Workman DM507-4 is the product you should buy.

    Click here for Latest Price of Workman DM507-4 from Amazon

    4.      Cobra HG M73 70 Series Dynamic CB Microphone

    Cobra HG M75 is a highly bought CB MicCobra will delight you with this great CB power mic. If you’re looking for a mic for a noisy environment like off-road trips, quarry etc, Cobra HG M73 will be a handy solution for you.

    It has a PTT Talk Button on the left side which allows you to enjoy communication on the go, without any stress.

    The Cobra HG M73 70 Series Dynamic CB Microphone uses a 4-pin connector. It comes in the company of a heavy-duty Abs shell helping you to use it in any tough environment.

    The product comes with a 9 feet cord, a 9’ High Flex cord and like we mentioned, a heavy duty drop-proof ABS shell. The cords are long and let you use at a longer distance.

    Adding to the beauty of this stylish CB mic, it has metal mesh grille.

    When you are using this microphone, be ready to entertain a question from your contacts about what makes your voice sound so nice, nicer than theirs. This product, unlike many others, has a dynamic voice coil diaphragm to improve the sound output.

    The product’s weight is 4 ounces and the product dimension is 8.5 inches x 5 inches x 2.8 inches.

    Click here for Latest Price of Cobra HG M73 70 Series from Amazon

    5.      Astatic (302 – 10036) RD104E Road Devil Amplified 4-pin CB microphone

    Astatic RD204E - One of the best CB MicrophoneThis is another popular replacement microphone you can buy. With the Astatic (302 – 10036) RD 104E Road Devil Amplified 4-pin CB microphone, you have a good noise reduction microphone.

    For your benefit, it has a high gain amplifier with electronic equalization to provide maximum talk power. This benefit is still provided and can be enjoyed in the presence of noise because the products also ensure intelligibility where and when there is noise.

    The microphone is designed for close talking handheld application. With the product in your palm, your CB radio connected and ready to talk, you are up for a sweet experience. Also, it is good for CB, amateur radio, and SSB communications.

    The products dimension is 6 inches x 6 inches x 6 inches.

    With this product, you can communicate clearly without any squeal for about ten miles. The microphone is powerful and the loudness is a good mark of quality.

    The worst feeling a CB mic can generate is that when your listeners scream they can’t hear you crying your lungs out. You don’t have to worry about audibility with this CB power mic, just keep your microphone volume at medium for the best experience.

    Click here for Latest Price of Astatic (302-10036) RD104E from Amazon

    6.      RoadKing RK56B Black 4-pin Dynamic Cancelling CB Microphone

    Roadking RK56B is one of the best CB mic in the marketThe RoadKing RK56B microphone is a noise canceling microphone made for you. With the product, you can go on a trail or hit the road with the highest certainty you have with you the best CB microphone.

    This CB microphone features a dynamic noise canceling technology. This feature gives the clearest and smoothest communication that’s undisturbed by background noise.

    You, with a RoadKing RK56B microphone anywhere means you are among the best anywhere. With this product, you are like a master under the constant service of a caring servant.

    The product gives you all. It is meant to give you the best of your money and it sure does. With the products 6-conductor black coiled flex cord and 2-position momentary slide switch, it provides the best user experience and convenience you can ever get.

    The product is a handheld choice which is awesome and versatile in its purpose. The manufacturer, Roadking, has secured his status as a manufacturer committed to excellence with this dynamic product.

    The long cord attached is another addition to its versatility. Its long cord is for your convenience.  Also, affordability is another mark of the manufacturer’s intention: best user experience and convenience.

    Click here for Latest Price of RoadKing RK56B from Amazon

     Buying the Best CB Mics- Expert Guide

    We have provided you an expert list of top rated CB radio microphones in the market. Now it is your turn to use our list and get a good mic for your or to find one yourself.

    Don’t worry if you didn’t find a CB mic of your taste in our list. Here is our expert guidelines for you to choose a top CB radio microphone in your own manner.

    Before we start, you need to ask yourself what are the features you need in microphones. Most importantly, you should have a clear idea on why you need one.

    What type of Mic do You Require? – CB Power Mic or a Noise-Cancelling Mic?

    Power mics and noise canceling mics are the two main CB mic types. Wearecb has a very good article on what features one should look into while purchasing a CB microphone.

    Although it is not necessary to look into all the features, we would like to take your attention to the above two types.

    To cut things short, you need to get a CB power mic if your voice is very low. If you’re a driver who normally drives through heavy traffic, go for the latter option.

    But before you go to the market, consider the amount you can afford. Consider the price as the price varies and the quality and specification are different.

    You need to look carefully at which microphone stand in your price and quality isn’t sabotage.

    Consider compatibility. Which microphones should you get for your radio? Better: how fine does it work with the radio?

    You have to read the feature of your choice carefully. You don’t want to make a final purchase before discovering your accessory and the radio is not a good fit for each other like holiness and Satan.

    To avoid this, take your time out and read about compatibility. Contact manufacturers, if you can, and make an inquiry.


    Having the best CB radio microphone to your CB radio is like having a good brain and a healthy body. You need one to make the other perform better.

    We hope our list of top rated CB mics is going to give you an awesome experience in using your CB systems. Either you are planning to hit the road with your device besides you or just a communication device or you want a clear and noiseless communication or a long cord microphone, the list is the right for you. We really hope they help you in eliminating the noises and powering up your voice.

    Now, head to the market and get a good CB microphone and enjoy using it. Maybe that’s a great investment which is going to make you love the CB communication more!


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