Best CB Antenna 2018 : Expert Reviews and Buying Tips

You might have bought the most powerful CB radio on the market. But do you really think whether it is enough to get you the best out of your CB radio?

I would say a big NO.

Although buying the best CB radio is very important, but you need good accessories to boost up its performance and overall outcome. When it comes to accessories, it is the antenna that plays a crucial role. Yes, you need to get the best CB antenna out there for the best experience using a CB radio.

Among the various products that are available in the market, it will be quite difficult for a non-professional to pick up a good CB antenna. Moreover, it is always better to get help from persons or experts who have better technical expertise in this field.

Which is the best CB antenna to buy? Here is the list of top 7 cb antennas to buy

But we, the professionals at CB Radio Guru is going to help you with this one too. We will introduce you the top rated CB radio antennas. Let me tell you choosing the best CB radio antenna will no doubt help you in enjoying a better communication experience.

Why Do You Need a Good CB Antenna

The answer is simple- to receive and transmit your CB signals. But, if you look closely, is that’s all about? Nope!

Before getting into the details of the top CB antennas in the market, it would be good to know the primary or fundamental functions that a citizens band radio antenna does. The major function for which a CB antenna is designed for is to deal with the coding and decoding of the radio signals.

Better Reception and Transmission of Signals

It converts the radio frequency signals to electrical signals and also, on the other hand, converts electrical signals to radio frequency signals. This is done with the help of a receiver and transmitter. In such a situation, the best quality radio frequency signals are produced only when the length of the antenna and the wavelength of the transmitted signals gets accurately matched.

A simple formula could be employed to determine the length of the antenna.  Wavelength (in feet) = 984/frequency (in megahertz). Thus by following this technique, the best quality radio signals could be transmitted with the aid of a CB antenna. CB antennas could be fixed or mounted on the basis of the nature of the vehicle.

Sticking on to the very basics of the usage of the radio, it is best to use an antenna to enhance the reception and transmission of the radio signals. Without an antenna, there are more chances to destroy the output.

Protecting Your CB Radio

Before setting up an SWR (Standing Wave Ratio), every user of a CB radio should ensure the condition of the CB antenna. A defective antenna not only hinders smooth communication but also destroys the CB radio. Also, utmost care should be paid when a new antenna is purchased and installed. Even an experienced CB radio user too finds it difficult to understand the functioning of SWR. Nevertheless, it is not practically possible to discard it. To put it in other words, a CB antenna with a higher reading of SWR will not give the best result and will no doubt make hindrances in the functioning of the radio.

Keeping in mind all the above-mentioned factors, every CB radio user should prefer to have a good quality CB antenna. The use of top rated and high performing CB antennas will ensure the better life and durability of youCBcb radio.

7 Best CB Antenna Reviews 2018

Now that we have seen why it is very important to have a high-performance CB antenna, let us find which are them.

This is an expert take on n number of CB radios available in the market. We have tested the quality and performance of each CB antennas to come up with this list. These CB antenna reviews are done after the use and verifying the technical specialties of it. A good review would be incomplete without consulting persons and websites working in the field. We have gathered the opinions of truck drivers in arriving this list.

This will help both experienced and non-experienced users to select the best CB antennas that suit the need.

1.      FireStik FL3-B

Firestik FL3-B is one of the best small cb Antennas to buy in 2018


  • Dimension: 38 x 6 x 6 inches
  • Length: 3 Foot (92cm)
  • 5/8 wave Rated @ 100 watts
  • Material Fiberglass


FireStik FL3-B is one of the best light weighted and easily mountable CB antenna you can buy. The CB radio best suits jeeps and crawlers. The bare hand’s tunable tip ensures easy tuning and betters performance. It is available in four different color variants. The red, black, white and blue variants give the antenna an elegant look.

High performance is ensured by the sleek coil design the CB antenna has. We would say that it is the best when it comes to reception and transmission of signals. The antenna comes from the most prestigious designs- Firefly from the Firestik brand.


  • Attractive design and stylish looks
  • Easy to tune and the presence of SWR meter
  • Reduced wind resistance
  • Good weather band reception


  • Very narrow banded
  • The tunable tip is delicate when compared to others
Best suited to your off-road jeeps and trucks, Firestik FL3-B is a great buy for its top-notch performance and durability.

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2.      WILSON 305-38

Wilson 305-38 is a great CB radio antenna to buy. This is the picture of the magnetic antenna from the brand.


  • 300 Watts Power Handling Capability
  • Type: Whip base load antenna
  • Large 10 oz magnet
  • Heavy-Duty Coil
  • 36″ 17-7 PH Stainless Steel
  • Made with High Impact Thermoplastic.
  • Low Loss Coil Design.


What do you look for in the best magnetic CB antenna? You need to have a strong magnet and a low loss coil design. This is precisely what you get buy buying this Wilson CB antenna.

Coming to the coil design part, it has 14 gauge copper wire used for the heavy-duty coil. You will be more than happy using this CB antenna. Even if you drive around 90mph, it will not fail you. Such is the quality of the design Littile Wil has. The 10 oz magnet coupled with high impact thermoplastic design offers all the features any CB enthusiast is looking for.

Tell you what, this is not the case with normal CB antennas. Even if you go beyond 70mph, normal antennas might blow off, but not Wilson 300-38,


  • Heavy power handling capacity
  • Attractive design and smooth functioning
  • Low coil design
  • Small and handy


  • Tuning can be a problem at times


Don’t worry about smashing this CB radio into tree branches or over bags, it will still be your best friend. This high performing and long-range CB antenna is designed to last long. It’s a great little antenna to improve your CB communication.

Check Price, More Pics, Customer Reviews of WILSON 305-38 300-Watt Little Wil from Amazon

  1. K 40 K-30

K30 is a flexible CB antenna to have for your pick up trick. It is a top rated magnet CB antenna


  • TAM power handling capability (ICAS)
  • 15 feet pre-wired RG-58AU 95 percent shielded coax cable stranded
  • 35 inches, 17-7 stainless steel whip antenna
  • Dimensions : 37×4.3×5.9 inches.


The built-in quality of the antenna is good and there are extra shields in the form of  15 feet coax cable to prevent it from damage. The antenna cable comes with a PL259 connector. The 4 inches 10 ounces magnet is very strong and it won’t let your CB antenna to get damaged even driving at high speed. Moreover, the antenna is very flexible and that adds to its durability.

You can use this nice device for your pickup trucks or cars. But, we would recommend you to take due care while installing the device as there is a small chance it might cause some scratches on your vehicle.


  • Easy to fix in your vehicle with out making any alterations
  • Good reception and transmission quality for distances around 4-5 miles
  • Stainless steel is used which ensures durability


  • The magnet can cause scratches
K 40 K-30 is a highly flexible CB antenna that is best suited for pickup trucks. If you’re good at tuning your device and who’s looking for a CB to withstand your offroad speedy trucking, then this is the best CB radio antenna you should buy.

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  1. Midland 18-2442

Midland 18-2442 is a powerful CB antenna to buy. This mobile CB radio antenna is a magnetic one and offers you better range


  • Center Load Mag Mount Antenna
  • 17-7 Stainless Steel Whip
  • Compatible with all Midland Mobile CB Radios
  • Prewired with Cable and Connector
  • Type: Center Load Mag Mount Antenna


This Center Load Mag mount Antenna is compatible with all Midland Mobile CB radios. The plastic coated magnetic based adheres to the surface of most of the vehicles and is rust free. The antenna is equipped with a relief spring which minimizes the whip damage, resulting in the durability of the product.

With a good CB radio, this one will help you to talk over 5 miles with the best configuration. However, we would advise you to give due care while handling the device. A small mistake or mishandling from your end might cause breaking of the coax cable, as it is bit longer than as in normal CB antennas.


  • Suitable for all midland Mobile CB radios
  • Strong magnetic that keeps tha antenna intact
  • Easy to assemble the part of the antenna
  • Durability of the cables are worth mentioning


  • The length of the antenna is more and it can create some difficulty to travel with it
Easy to install, this strong magnet base CB antenna works great for SUVs and cars. This is the perfect CB radio antenna you can buy for Midland CBs, especially Midland 75-822

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  1. TRAM 703-HC

TRAM is a leading brand when it comes to low cost CB antenna


  • Includes 3.5″ magnet mount
  • Shock spring
  • Stainless steel whip
  • 17ft RG58 cable with PL-259
  • Great for all your needs
  • 2 Feet Tall
  • Centre Load CB Antenna
  • Dimesnion: 15.5 x 4.2 x 1.5 inches


Tram 703-HC is a 2 feet CB antenna which could capture all the CB frequencies. Aided with the help of 3’’ magnet mount and the shock spring, this awesome CB antenna gives you a splendid result. It comes with a 9.5 feet cable with PL-259.

The greatest joy of using this magnetic CB antenna is that it can be configured with any CB radio. It is very easy to use and tune up. With proper setup, you might even get range up to 9 miles with this antenna.


  • Decent and sleek design which gives the antenna a perfect look
  • Strong magnet and spring
  • Very easy to set up and tune
  • Works with all CB Radios


  • Loud and annoying wind noise
Designed for all kinds of CB radios, TRAM 703-HC is a nice CB radio antenna to buy for off-road drives to maximise your communication efficiency.

Check out the Price, Ratings, Customer Reviews of TRAM 703-HC from Amazon

  1. Cobra CBRHGA 1500

Cobra CBRHGA1500 is a 36" base load magnetic mount CB from Cobra brand.


  • It has the capability to handle 300-watt power
  • Works with 26-30 MHz frequency range
  • It has a SO 239 connector
  • Base loaded medium Magnet Mout CB Antenna
  • Comes with a black stainless steel whip and antenna
  • Dimesnion: 38 x 4 x 4 inches


Coming from the prestigious Cobra brand, this base loaded magnetic CB antenna is the best one you can buy for hills and mountains. You will easily get good SWR readings without any adjustments. It is equipped witha 10 feet cable for better performance. Also, the stainless steel whip is rust resistant.

You will very easily get ranges up to 6 miles even if you’re traveling at 80s. It is easy to detach and connect it from your vehicle. If you’re not a frequent CB user, then you will love this antenna more.


  • Good SWR and can holds even at 70mph
  • Simple design and quality ensured parts
  • Good antenna that ensures best transmission and reception


  • May not get a good result from the magnet installed.
This Cobra CB antenna is one of the best you can buy for hills and mountains. Designed to be the best companion for jeeps and SUVs, this 36″ antenna delivers good SWR rating even at 80 mph.

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  1. Solarcon A-99

Solarcon A-99 is a omnidirectional fiberglass CB base antenna you can buy if you have a good budget


  • It is an omnidirectional fibreglass base station Cb antenna
  • It has the capability to handle 200 watts PEP
  • Fits for 10M-12M amateur use
  • It could even tune to the lowest SWR reading
  • Dimension of 78.7x 2.8x 2 inches


Without any doubt, Solarcon A-99 is the highest gain fiberglass antenna that is available on the market. This good looking smooth CB radio works with GPK -1 plane and could handle 2000 watts of power. Thanks to the strong heavy duty base mount, it could withstand heavy winds.

The antenna is very easy to install. There’s no hassle in the installation part. You know what a fiberglass antenna can get you. What if when you buy the best Fiberglass antenna? It will give you the best range in all the direction. This is basically what you get by buying Solarcon A-99.


  • Good antenna that ensures the quality of the signals
  • Gives best result with both SWR and Ham
  • Easy to unmount and install


  • Subject to wear and tear after exposing it to sunlight, heat, wind, rain etc
Solarcon A-99 is for those who’re looking for the best reception and transmission in all directions. This fiberglass antenna is easy to set up and install, and offers the very best range you can think of.

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How to Buy the Best CB Radio Antenna

When it comes to CB antennas, you’ve very few options. You can easily buy a good CB radio antenna checking out various products and ratings in online stores like Amazon, ebay etc.

Still, CB Radio Guru would like to suggest you few important things you should adhere to while buying a good CB radio. Not all of us are technical experts. If you feel that you lack the technical expertise to choose one, it is better to consult any experts rather than going for the odd reviews that are available online. You can also read and make use of the CB radio reviews by CB Radio Guru to get one.

  • Have a Clear Idea of Antenna’s Use

    Why do you need a CB device? Is it just for fun or you want to use it for your profession? These things have to be there in your mind before buying the CB antenna. This helps you to set your budget and most of all to set the quality of the CB radio antenna you are going to buy.

    Your antenna should be the one that best suits your vehicle and pocket.

  • Warranty Support and Quality

    Since an antenna should be used for many years, do not go for the one that is cheap and lacks quality. But, the interesting thing is that even an expensive antenna may not be the best one that is available in the market. It is advisable to better go for the best brands available in the market, keeping in mind that it should meet your demand. Here you will be badly in need of an expert in this field to choose the perfect antenna.Here is the list of tips to buy the best cb radio antenna for your radio

  • Always choose an antenna with a strong magnetic base as it could be easily mounted on your vehicles. Also, a thermoplastic covering on the magnet will ensure its durability.
  • The tunable tip in the antenna should be placed in a way that the user finds it very easy to tune. The presence of a SWR meter will ensure a better tuning.
  • The reception and transmission of the signals should be hazzle free. Make sure that the antenna is wind resistant and is strong enough to withstand the adverse climatic conditions.
  • Apart from the looks, the antenna should be handy, portable and small. Also the SWR reading range should cover the least to the maximum.
  • It is always better to go through the specifications, reviews from reliable sources and to consult technical wizards before you choose one.
  • Buy for Your Vehicle

    Take the case of cars, Magnets roof or trunk antennas are more suitable to perform the purpose. But fiber glass top –loaded antennas are mostly preferred in pick-up trucks. In semi- trucks, fibre glass top –loaded antennas and center- loaded steel whip antennas are used, whereas in RVs and Motor Homes, No ground plane top – loaded fiber glass antennas are mostly used.

    FireStik FL3-B best suits small vehicles like jeeps and crawlers. Since it weighs less, it could be easily mounted on small vehicles. But the tunable tip is delicate when compared to many others. Also, it is narrow banded and cannot be relied on for heavy tasks. But take the case of WILSON 305-38. It gives you a better performance as it suits ordinary and heavy tasks. It also handles 300 watts power and good magnet and copper wire is used. Also, high-quality stainless steel whip is used to ensure better performance.


It’s not a secret that you definitely need the best CB antenna to get the best out of your CB radio. This is the part where amateur CB radio users fail and experienced ones excel. The later knows the importance of a high performing CB radio antenna.

I hope our review of the top rated CB radio antenna on the market has helped in narrowing your options. You can buy ofmong the 7 listed above to get the perfect results with your CB radio.

So rush to the market, grab your cb antenna and enjoy the benefits of it.